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Faux Painted Garage Doors

When we recently got the new wooden gate for our home, we started thinking we need to dress up the garage doors.  It's the first thing you see when you drive up.  Not my favorite thing, but that's how it was designed.  I prefer garages off to the side.

We looked into replacing our garage doors with new ones....the carriage look.  We got several bids and looked into Costco too.  We didn't want to go with wood, because our garage doors are exposed to full sun all day.

Our garage doors are more of a modern design with horizontal panels.

I research Craig's list and found some faux painters.  We decided to go with Irina, from IP Art and Design.  She is very artistic and has a large gallery of photos.  It's fun to see the before's and afters.
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New Look!



Now, we have our new wooden gate and faux painted garage doors for more curb appeal.
My husband added  hardware to the doors to mimic carriage doors. He ordered them from Amazon.

See the decorative clavos on the gate?  Those round clavos add character. We are thinking about adding them to our garage doors. False nail heads *decorative * Powder coated * Clavos means Nails in Spanish

Happy Friday!

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  1. What a talented girl! Well done..Goes very wel with the new gate..always the case..spruce part of something up..the rest looks like it needs..something:)
    You did it..I think you lucked out w/ her.

  2. Looks awesome, Linda!!!! xo

  3. I don't ever think I've thought or uttered the words: that garage door is beautiful. But I am now. And it is.

  4. Your garage doors are nice...but your gate has my heart! That gate is gorgeous! Sheila

  5. I love what the painter did with your garage doors! They look so good with your beautiful gate!

  6. Those are gorgeous, Linda! The details with the hinges really add the touch! Have a wonderful day, Anita

  7. Wow Linda, your garage doors are so beautiful! You must be so pleased with the results. Your gate is gorgeous, also. You and your hubby take such pride in your gorgeous home.

  8. That was a great idea to have the doors finished like that. Inlikenthenaddition of the hinge look. The clavos sound like a good idea although where to place them on the door I'd have no clue. That gate is wonderful. :-)

  9. Your new garage doors are very nice, Linda. And I love that gate! I think those frogs add some charm to your home. Your home is so lovely.

    Have a peaceful weekend.

    love, ~Sheri

  10. Well, I just took a tour of your home and it is beautiful Linda, and the grounds are magnificent! Such beauty and solitude. Garage doors are great and I like the hinges-these are all in style now-exactly what we are choosing for our home too.
    Enjoy your Saturday evening,

  11. Oh, they are both so gorgeous! The hardware just makes it!
    That gate with the clavos is fabulous! How fun to have all of these great projects turn out so well!

  12. What a really great idea, Linda! I love the new look and how you pay attention to detail. Great job!

    Jane x

  13. What a difference! Your artist did a fabulous job, it looks like real wood now.

  14. Linda, Amazing!! I do have to say that the person you chose to faux paint your garage doors is a true artist. They are simply lovely.

    I do hope you can stop by to visit my blog in the next day or so and leave a comment, I am celebrating my second blog anniversary with a fall table linens give-away and the winner will be announced Thursday on my August 20th tablescape post. Have a lovely evening.... Candy

  15. Just beautiful! Love the addition of the hardware. They are perfect with the new gate. xxx Maria

  16. She did such a beautiful job, Linda! It flows so wonderfully with your gate. Amazing what they can do with paint now! I truly love your red pots. There is something about the combination of deep red and browns that is so comforting and welcoming.
    I hope we can talk this week, Wonder Woman. I'm missing you tons. Life has been so busy, I hardly know what day it is! Lots of love to you, dear friend xoox

  17. I love the faux carriage doors, very creative solution! The new hardware is gorgeous, love that look. jonni

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