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Updates on Mom & Pool Cabana

Hello friends, as some of you know, my mom had surgery July 6th.
The surgery well well, but sometime after, she suffered a small stroke.

Her left side is weak.  I was very upset hearing this news.  I was also frustrated that the doctors did not relay what was going on with her, until I became agitated and demanded some answers.

On my way down to visit my Mom, one of the doctors finally called me.
The doctor has assured me, she will get better and stronger after suffering a small stroke.

She might be discharged today.  They recommended she go to a nursing rehab for two weeks.  I selected my top choices with the list they sent me.  Medicare will pay for up to 20 days.
Pool Cabana Update
The pool house is coming along. The drywallers are here today, tape and mudding.  They will be finished by tomorrow.
Finally the mason can come in and start on the rock wall.

You can see the wiring in the ceiling for lights.  There will be two.
Double french doors lead to the pool area.

We are choosing this slab for the counters.  It is called Azul Macabas.
It looks beachy to me.

We are selecting the faucets and light fixtures
I am trying to decide if I want the rock wall inside or tile.

The cabinets will be ready next week.  We are selecting the color today.
It will be close to this color, since I want a beachy look.

I am so sorry I haven't had time to post, or visit blogs.  I have been blogged down with taking care of things regarding my mom and also the pool cabana.  We are also caring for my Mom's dog.

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  1. Best wishes to your Mom. Rehab is a great idea to help her get back to health after that small stroke.

  2. Linda, I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. It sounds like she will recover well and I'm sure you are thankful for that news.
    The cabana is looking like it's coming along nicely. You have a lot going on. Please take good care of yourself in spite of all that is happening. ♥

  3. Hi Linda, oh I am so sorry about your mom. I will pray that for you and her that she recovers from surgery and the small stroke. :(
    I am so happy for you about your cabana. Wow it's going to be so beautiful when finished!! I love the beachy look and that slab is goregous looking.
    Hugs, Julie

  4. Sorry to hear about your mom. Prayers she has a quick recover.
    The Azul Macabas slabs for the counter do look beachy!! Its all comeing together so pretty!!

  5. Hi Linda,
    It is frustrating when the doctors do not communicate better. When my mom lived in Florida and we are up here in Chicago I had a heck of a time when she was in the hospital to get answers until I could get down there. That is why I moved my mom up by me know. With her cancer and now her hip replacement surgery coming up I need her to be up here living by me. I am glad your mom is doing better and will go to the rehab for some care. Your pool house is looking wonderful. I love the counter top you picked. Just beach beautiful!

  6. Linda, so very sorry to hear about your mom. My daughter works with stroke patients, as she is a Speech Pathologist. And yes, after rehab she most likely will be much better. Will be keeping all in prayer.

  7. I am so sorry for what your mom is going through, I know this is tough. I hope she has the best possible recovery. The cabana will be stunning, especially with that beachy slab, super cool! Hugs

  8. oh Linda, I'm so sorry about your mom...I can't imagine how stressed and frustrated you must be...at least you have your pool house to distract you, it's going to be so beautiful!

  9. Oh Linda, I'm so sorry about your mom's stroke. Hopefully things will improve. I know it's so stressful for you.
    Your slab for the counters is so pretty! I'm glad that you have a project to do. Hugs are sent to you....

  10. Kari Rogers-MillerJuly 12, 2018

    So sorry about your mom Linda....I know how difficult it is to not know everything that is going on at the time things are happening. Prayers are with you. Can't wait to see how the cabana come out. Hugs

  11. Well wishes for your mom's speedy and full recovery.

  12. Thinking of you and your mom, Linda. I am so sorry. I have been there...it's tough. Hugs...

  13. Dear Linda, I’m so sorry to hear the news about your mom. I hope she has a full and complete recovery. Your pool house is going to be beautiful. Take care of yourself too. Sending hugs and kisses.........

  14. Linda, I am so sorry about your mom. Well wishes for her full and speedy recovery. The cabana is going to be beautiful! Hugs

  15. Sorry about your mom. Praying she will get stronger and that her back problems will be much better. The cabana is looking fantastic. Love the granite you chose!

  16. You and your Mom are in my thoughts and prayers. The cabana is looking amazing! Hang in there my friend <3

  17. Oh, so sorry your Mom experienced this set back and I do hope she will make a full recovery. I know you have had your hands so full! The cabana is looking so good and I hope you will get to enjoy some nice relaxing times in it. Blessings abundant Linda!

  18. Sorry to hear about your mom, I hope she is gaining strength each day. I love the counter top choice for your cabana!

  19. A stroke??!?!?!? Oh, no! I'm REALLY sorry to hear this! I know at that age "quick" healing is probably a little too much to ask for, so I will pray for your Mom's steady and thorough healing. Oh, my! I'm sure you were just beside yourself! I know I would be, too!

    The cabana is really coming along!!! I love the watery, wave-like countertops you've selected. Perfect for where you live! This is going to be one super snazzy cabana!!!

  20. You have your hands full! Don't worry about blogging,.
    Thinking of you and your Mom.

  21. So frustrating about your mother! Glad they finally told you! I had a neighbor who suffered a stroke and they kept her in the hospital all day saying it was the flu! I knew right away she had stroke symptoms - couldn't move one side of her body, couldn't move one side of her face and slurred speech! They could have helped her a lot if they had caught that right away!
    Wow, I have never ever seen such a beautiful piece of stone. The colors are amazing - I want a pool house like this! It is going to be stunning!

  22. Dear Linda,
    Even though we have been out of town, you and your Mom have been in my thoughts. Sending healing prayers to your Mom and love to you.



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  24. I'm so sorry about your Mom, Linda! I've been behind in reading my favorites with so many of life's things going on. I hope your Mon continues to improve daily and get back to herself soon! Prayers and good wishes for you both! It's a lot on you and you need to stay well, too!

  25. Sorry to read about your mom. Hope she's getting stronger. I guess I'll find out as I continue to read since I'm so far behind. The pool cabana looks cool.
    You have your hands full juggling the care of your mom and the build. Hugs


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