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Ombre Valentine Heart

 To create these hearts, I had some styrofoam stored away in our garage.  I traced some hearts and my husband cut the hearts out for me. You can use a razor blade, electric knife, etc. to cut the hearts out.
Cut any size you want.  I happened to have a hanging three heart cutout decoration, so I cut them apart and used the different size hearts for my pattern.

The dollar store is a wonderful resource.  Flowers galore.  A bunch for $1.00.  Each bunch has 6 stems. I cut each stem to about 3 inches.  Enough to poke the stems and flowers into the heart styrofoam.

faux flowers- 6 bunches of flowers @ $1.00 each bunch
hot glue gun
electric knife - razor blade - jigsaw
Fishing line or ribbon if you choose to hang them

My hanging ombre heart in the Breakfast room.
Creating smaller hearts for the backs of chairs is a inexpensive - CHEAP way of making chair back beautiful.

Sharing at some of these parties.

Stay tuned on Monday for the Valentine Tablescape Blog Hop

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  1. Your ombre valentine heart is stunning, Linda! I can't believe you used dollar store flowers! They look very upscale in your design! And what a lovely way to display them on the back of chairs! Looking forward to the Valentine Tablescape Blog Hop to see what you and the ladies share!

  2. This is gorgeous, Linda! You are right, you can find some great things at the Dollar Store if you time it right. Obviously you did. :)

  3. So feminine and pretty! I love when I get an idea..find what I need and it turns out! Kudos♥

  4. These are beautiful. I love them.

  5. Very pretty, Linda. Definitely feminine and romantic. Looking forward to the upcoming blog hop.

  6. What a pretty idea - this would make cute gifts for friends! Clever girl!!

  7. I almost made something similar, it's fantastic! LOVE it Linda!

  8. Oh, Linda, that's so pretty! I can't wait to see your tablescape!

  9. This is lovely Linda. Great idea!

  10. This is really pretty! I made floral hearts a few years back, but they were all a single color. I love the idea of the ombré effect!!! If someone doesn’t want/know how to cut out a heart shape, they can purchase a pre-cut heart at a floral shop or perhaps even a craft store somewhere like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. I was a lazy bone and bought the pre-cut hearts! 💕Have a grand weekend!

  11. What a really, really cute idea, Linda. They are a lot of bang for the buck! I really like the variation in color, too. Very pretty----just like the lady that made them. xo Diana

  12. I love the ombre hearts Linda! What a great idea and they are beautiful!

    Smashing Plates

  13. WONDERFUL Hearts, dear Linda, my sweet friend!
    Have a happy weekend,
    much Love and hugs, Claudia xo

  14. Clever and darling DIY for Valentine's Day. Love how easy this is, so much I think I could do it. Thanks Linda.

  15. You are so smart and creative, Linda. Your hearts look great!

  16. Lovely, Linda. So fun to make pretty hearts for Valentines Day!

  17. What a great idea, Linda! So pretty, but inexpensive. I bet my daughter would like to make one of these for her teacher :)

  18. Pretty as can be. $$ Tree has so many great things but not sure I could create any of these as beautifully as you. Have a great new week Linda!

  19. Linda, I am pretty!

  20. Swoon Linda! I love the ombre effect. You elevated those Dollar Tree roses to a whole new level. ♥

  21. You certainly made those dollar store flowers look upscale!


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