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Garden Angels

Around Christmas, I received this garden angel with a heart.  There was no name on it, so I did not know who sent it.  After chatting with my daughter, she told me she sent it. ♥  It is quite charming.  This angel is quite tall- 25.5"
I would think a trailing plant would look great.  Sweet Potato vine, morning glories, ivy.  Maybe just sitting in the middle of your garden.


The sparkle of light, the whisper of wings
the fleeting touch that an angel can bring,
will give you guidance and surround you with love,
with the comforting presence that comes from above.
A feather, a coin or a butterfly in view,
can also be signs you have Angels with you.
Acknowledge their presence, trust in their care,
and thank them for showing you that they are there.

I bought one for my mom.  I thought it would look great either in her house or her yard. It looks great surrounded by flowers, such as garden art.

My mom is doing well.  We  miss my dad. I It always takes time, when someone you love passes on. I  go over for visits quite often.  Most of the time, I am helping her organize or work on some projects. We spent the other day shopping all day.  We were both quite exhausted.  We were on the hunt for a pretty runner for her dresser.

Recently my two brothers and I bought new carpet for Mom.  She is thrilled!

I noticed our daffodils are starting to sprout up. Mother nature has some surprises sometimes. We hope to visit Daffodil Hill this year.

Sharing a few other Garden Angels.

Attraction Design Antiqued Metal Weathered Metal Garden Angel Statue

Attraction Design Antiqued Metal Garden Angel with Hook, 18" Height

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  1. I love these garden angels! They are so pretty and I love the idea of something growing on one or just all around it.

    I'm glad your mom is ok. I hope it makes her feel better to know that lots of people are thinking of her.

  2. Your daughter's gift reminds me of a lovely guardian angle watching over you - no matter where you put it! She is so sweet to have given you this - and you're so sweet to give one to your mother, too! So many wonderful emotions coming from this marvelous act!

  3. Oh Linda, those GArden Angels are gorgeous! I must find out, if I can buy those in Germany too!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend, my sweet friend, sending Lots of Love, Claudia xoxo

  4. It's beautiful..and you are an angel:) You made me smile when you said you came home exhausted:) I get missing loved ones isn't easy.And you lives in the last little while were so busy with him..his absence is felt even more.
    Take care.

  5. I have not seen a garden angel before -- or if I have, I didn't know what it is for! Glad to hear your Mom is doing well. Family is so important when adjusting to widowhood.

  6. The angel is beautiful. And yes, I can see a lovely trailing vine cascading down her skirt. Continue to pray for you and your mom. Glad is doing well.

  7. What a lovely, lovely gift, Linda. She looks beautiful on her own and I bet even prettier covered with a plant. And I totally get the exhaustion. I lost my mom right after New Year's and I have been so tired since...prayers to you and your mom...

  8. Oh Linda, that is SUCH a pretty garden angel and such a sweet, thoughtful gift from your daughter!! I love it! It will be so pretty in your yard this spring and summer. :) It was nice of you to buy one for your mom as well; I'm glad you're there for her as she adjusts to the loss of your father. Take care and have a good weekend.



  9. What a great gift Linda. I love these angels and think I might need to get one for my garden this summer.
    Happy Friday.

  10. Hi Linda, I love the angel. It will look great either in the house or garden. It is so nice for you and your mom to do things together. So sorry to hear about your dad. Your garden looks so beautiful and looks like spring there.
    It's so cold and snowy here and I can't wait for spring to come already. LOL.
    Have a nice weekend.

  11. Linda, I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad. I hope you feel surrounded by angels. Such a beautiful one sent to you by your daughter. Take care of yourself. ♥

  12. pretty! I would put her in a quiet area where I could just sit and reflect, dream, pray...whatever. So lovely!

  13. Dear Linda, I am so sorry to read of the loss of your dad. My deepest sympathy is sent your way my friend. So glad your mom is doing well and the angel is a special gift to her as well. Love yours from your daughter. What a treasure in the garden. Prayers for God comfort in the days ahead. Maybe your garden blooms are a tribute to him from the angels.

  14. Beautiful, Linda. I know you miss your dad. Yes, angels are real and you'll find them visiting you, no question. Sending you a big hug!

    1. Thank you Sarah. I think you are right. The angels are among us.

  15. What a thoughtful gift from your daughter. A gentle reminder and something to admire while out in the garden. I like the idea of it being nestled in with some flowers. That was nice of you and your brothers to buy your mom the new carpet. I hope she is doing well and adjusting as each day passes. I can hardly wait for spring and to see the daffodils in bloom! Have a wonderful weekend, Liz

  16. Linda, how sweet of your daughter to send you the angel, it is gorgeous! I can't wait for my daffodils to spring forth, they are my favorite flower. Sure wish I could go with you to visit Daffodil Hill........Happy Saturday. PS, sure hope you mom is doing in ok and keeping you in thoughts and prayers.......

  17. hi Linda, It is wonderful to hear that your mom is doing ok...the garden angels are just beautiful! I will be on the lookout for one, so special!

  18. The garden angels are inspiring! I do love them all, and I wish we had one in our garden! Wow, the daffodils are already coming up? That gives me hope that there will be a spring because we've been freezing Down South this winter!

  19. Your garden angel from your daughter is beautiful . Was a precious gift Linda . I know you all must miss your dad terribly . Glad to hear your mama is doing okay . Hugs and blessings , Cindy

  20. Linda, I love your garden angel from your daughter. What a lovely gift. It is so hard to lose a parent. Your mom is so blessed to have you. Hugs

  21. The garden angels are lovely and will definitely bring moments of pleasure to both you and your mother. I'm glad she is getting along but I know each of you miss your dad very much.


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