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Autumn Breeze Tablescape

The weather is great now.  Warm during the day and chilly at night.  A perfect time to take advantage of eating outdoors.
This tall gourd is by Debi Lilly from our local grocery store, Safeway
I chose a soft blue green table with some fall accents.

A shot of the keystone wall my husband built years ago. A great place for flowers and plants.  I added the mums to some of the pots.
The pumpkins look pretty along with the mums.

This area is right off our dining room.

An update on my dad.  My mother took him to ER a week ago.  He was bleeding quite a bit after the last bladder surgery.  He actually need a blood transfusion.  They took him back into surgery last night, because a CT scan showed something.  It was a dried blood clot, the size of an apple.  We  hope all is well with him now and he can come home soon.  Thank you for your prayers
I shall be joining these parties.

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  1. Outside is so inviting. I am enjoying sitting with you.

  2. Linda, your tabesetting is lovely. I love the color you chose for this, so pretty with the fall arrangement. The wall is amazingly gorgeous and a great place to add seasonal plants. Your terrace and gardens absolutely beautiful. It's terrible about the fires, happy you are safe but so sorry to hear your children had to leave their homes. Your dad has been through a lot, I do hope he is better and gets to return home soon.Take care.........

  3. Your home looks so festive for Fall. I really like the blue glass candle holder on the table.

  4. Hi Linda, my sweet friend, this is such a lovely and wonderful table setting!
    Would love to sit down and have a cup of coffee with you ;O)
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    sending Love and Hugs and BLessings, Claudia xo

  5. Your table and outdoor setting is so inviting, Linda. Thank you for the update in your dad. I hope he will be home soon. Your poor kids! I hope they hear news on their homes soon. At least, it's a comfort to know that you all are safe. Blessings to you and your family.

  6. Your poor dada..enough is enough..and these are golden years?:( And your mom..

    we have heard about your much devastation this year..

    thanks for the smiles chez is like a resort Linda:)

  7. Your poor Dad! He has really been through a lot! I hope he is resting well and that everything calms down for him soon. Geez...such a shame! Really sad about your kids having to be evacuated, too. That has got to be a really frightening time. I hope their homes are OK. This has been a year of complete and utter craziness!!!!!!! I am amazed at that wall your husband built! It looks so great even after all these years! I wish my husband was good with doing that kind of stuff. He THINKS he is...but he's NOT!!! :-) Enjoy your weekend, Linda!

  8. I am so glad you are OK and I will pray your children do not lose their homes. I am also praying for your Dad. Your table is beautiful, I love the colos! That tall gourd is beautiful! Have a great weekend!!!

  9. Ooh I love that blue color for this setting. That big gourd is awesome! Love the wall with the pumpkins and mums- I'm sure you enjoy viewing this from the kitchen. I'm sorry your Dad is having all these health struggles- he's a tough guy! My cousin lives in Santa Rosa and was evacuated early this week. So far her home has been spared. This is such a bad fire- so many homes and lives lost. Glad your area is unaffected.

  10. Beautiful and elegant. Everything is just perfect. Thank You for sharing.

  11. It is just beautiful out there, Linda, and what a wonderful view, too, from your dining room. You always do a beautiful job decorating and setting a table. I love that big gourd!!!

    I am so glad to hear your dad is doing well. Thank goodness it was just a blood clot and they were able to clear it. Now maybe he will be on the road to a good recovery. Love to you- xo Diana

  12. Linda,
    Very pretty!! Love the blue!! What a beautiful outdoor seatiing area. Thanks so muchf or stopping by!

  13. I'm sorry to learn that your children had to evacuate their homes, I hope they will receive good news. I also hope your dad is doing much better and will be well on the road to recovery soon. Your lovely tablescape looks like the perfect place to relax and think about better times.

  14. This is looking beautiful. Nice post. Thanks for sharing this post.

  15. I saw this post for the first time in your 2017 post round up this morning. I don't know how I missed it, but it's an wonderfully eye-catching tablescape! Absolutely gorgeous setting with all the blue glass!

  16. Love this one Linda. I will be over to have lunch el fresco with you. Very pretty.


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