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The Traveling Tote Explores Auburn

Auburn, California is our cute small town in  the Gold country.  I thought it would be fun to include Miss Lola in some of the cool spots.

Auburn Historical Courthouse
 We live in the foothills of a small gold town community, named Auburn.  Miss Lola is lost among the many steps of this historic courthouse.

Chinese Coolie  
A tribute to the historical significance of the Chinese worker in the construction of the Transcontinental railroad through the Sierra Mountains of California.
Kenneth H. Fox a local Auburn dentist constructed this large statue.
Miss Lola couldn't resist jumping on the wheelbarrow for a photo op. 
The Traveling Tote
Miss Lola visiting Claude Chana, the first prospector who found gold in the Auburn Ravine in 1848.

Running wild
 Douglas Van Howd Douglas Van Howd, Nevada born sculptor and painter, has become well-known worldwide for his wildlife and western creations.  His studio is located in Auburn, Ca.

Doug Van Howd has been commissioned to do work for heads of countries.  His oil painting of Yellowstone Falls was presented to the Queen of the Netherlands during the Netherlands-American Bicentennial celebrations in Washington DC.  He has twice been received as a guest of the government of Taiwan to present his works to President Chiang Ching-Kuo and President Lee Teng-hui.

  His bald eagle “Masters of the Wind” is displayed in the office of the Secretary of the Interior, Washington DC, his portrait of Attorney General Edwin Meece hangs in the Hall of Justice, and his well-known “Friends of Freedom” bronze sculpture, after many years in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, has a new home in the Reagan Library.

Machado’s Orchard
Miss Lola relaxing in the apple orchard at Machado's Orchards.
They have fresh peaches, apples and veggies.

Rafael Blanco

Art Instructor, Program Coordinator

While my husband, my mom and I were waiting for an appointment, we stumbled upon this artist, Rafael Blanco.
He teaches at Feather River College. There is a contest going on and he along with some other artists are transforming this alley.

I explained to him about The Traveling Totes and asked if Miss Lola could join him in this photo.

I had to include Miss Lola floating on our huge Pink Flamingo.
I hope you have enjoyed your visit.
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  1. Linda, what fun to see some highlights of your town. Thanks for taking us along to see the beautiful sculptures and that apple orchard. I'd like to join MIss Lola for a float on that Pink Flamingo.

  2. Linda, I enjoyed seeing your town! Wow, Miss Lola really helps put the size of the sculptures and the courthouse in perspective! It's interesting to see the tributes to the miners and railroad workers who helped settle that area of the country. And I'd love to float along with Miss Lola on that giant flamingo! Thanks for taking us to your town. That's such a great idea. Linda

  3. I didn't realize the history of Auburn with the gold mining and railroads. Miss Lola showed up in some unique places! That big flamingo is the cutest- lucky Miss Lola got to float about on it!

  4. Such an informative post about Auburn, your home town. Amazing sculptures that have such historical significance. They are huge. I am so glad you chose to tour these spots with Miss Lola and share with us. You live in an exciting area that I would not have known about.
    You have had a very busy week.

  5. What a good sport he was! And so photogenic:)
    That swan..:) I bet if I had a pool I would want one:)♥

  6. OMG Linda! My favorite pic is the last one. What a gorgeous pool!! I am so jealous of Miss Lola!! Auburn looks beautiful and I put it on my bucket list. Have a delightful Labor Day weekend.

  7. This was a fun tour of your town - great sculptures and art work. Sometimes i think we ignore what is right in our own backyard! Your photo in the orchard made me anxious for a trip to our local apple orchard later this month.

  8. This is so cool, Linda! It's as if we are right along on the tour! Miss Lola looks right at home visiting Claude Chana. She's earned her weight in gold, for sure!!!

  9. Linda, thanks for sharing these pics!!
    Pink Flamingo is stunning!!!

  10. Fun tour of your town, Linda! I loved seeing the gorgeous sculptures! :D I giggles when I saw Miss Lola lounging on the pink flamingo float. AH-dorable!


  11. Placing your tote on those magnificent sculptures demonstrates how massive they are! I haven't been to Auburn, it looks like a wonderful town...I went to college at Chico and loved exploring Northern California on the weekends, it's so beautiful! I love the tote on your flamingo! I am dying to get one of those giant floats but my husband would kill me :) You are brave to ask the artist for a pose, I am so shy about taking pics with my tote!

  12. Linda, I so enjoyed the tour of your town and the wonderful history and sculptures. Miss Lola has the best pool, and I love her pink flamingo. She looks amazing sunbathing. Happy Labor Day Linda.........Hugs.

  13. I loved seeing Auburn, Linda, and all the sights around town. Miss Lola sure got in the action, didn't she? The cutest, was seeing Miss Lola relaxing on the flamingo float!!

  14. What a fun way to tell a little history of the beautiful town Auburn. I will ask my husband to make a trip there.. I'm eager to vivid the place.. And of course I love the tote.. Love and hugs...

  15. Linda, hey, I really enjoyed learning more about your location! I went to a map see exactly where Auburn is. We only traveled as far central to CA as I-5 when in CA several years ago, but having watched the series Hell on Wheels brought the history of the railroad and the Chinese workers to life for us. The gold rush, of course, is well documented history. I love the street artist's work, and love seeing Miss Lola making her way around town and otherwise perfect strangers. Our totes have a way of connecting us all, don't they? :)

    1. Absolutely Rita. They can break the ice....LOL So glad you saw some history about the railroad and those Chinese workers. Good ole gold rush days.

  16. So many interesting pieces of artwork.

  17. Hi Linda, Love seeing Miss Lola visiting in so many special ways. I love it in the pan of the statue panning for gold. Auburn looks to be such an interesting town. Thank you for sharing it in such a fun way. You are always so creative in all that you do my friend. Have a great long weekend. Happy Labor Day. xo

  18. The Traveling Totes are just the BEST!!!! I so enjoy the stories of their travels. Wishing you a happy long weekend!

  19. Such an enjoyable post and I love all the sculptures. I am glad to have found your wonderful blog! Have a great week!

  20. Linda, I'm a little late commenting due to spotty cell service at our lake this weekend. I think it was all the tourists overloading the system. LOL We have a beautiful 80 degree today so I would love to hop on the pink flamingo and relax with Miss Lola. I loved learning about Auburn and the sculptures. Rafael looks great with Miss Lola! A trip to the apple orchard is a must for Miss Aurora and we will be doing that very soon. Have a great week Linda. xo


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