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Guest Bathroom Renovation- Part 1

We are remodeling our guest bathroom upstairs.  For years, we have wanted to do this, because the shower/bath tub combo wasn't functional. We have a lot of German components in our well built house. German tubs are narrow to conserve water.
Here is an old picture of the bathroom before.  This photo does not show the step. I can't believe we don't have other photos of this bathroom.

We are keeping the sink and cabinets.  We replaced the lightbar and faucet a few years back.  They are in the bronze family. We will attempt at painting the melamine cabinets, since they are in great shape.

My husband worked hard to remove the tub and shower enclosure. Demo time baby!  We had a step to get into the narrow tub. Terrible design.  Add a skinny German tub and it is awkward and scary.

With two little dogs to keep out of the workmen's way. I am getting tired of being pinned up, along with our dogs.  The tiling is almost done.  Thank goodness....some nights, they have worked until 10:00 pm at night.

Here is an old picture of the bathroom before.  This photo does not show the step. I can't believe we don't have other photos of this bathroom.

The tub in place. My husband did all of the demolition.  Disconnecting the plumbing and tearing off the drywall and tile.

My husband was able to cut the tub into three pieces, so he could carry it out. He then installed the purple board.  The hop mopper comes in next. 
The niche was an issue for awhile.  I wanted it centered under the window.  My husband said it would be difficult because of a stud there.  I then suggested two small niches on each side.  That was an issue too, because there wasn't enough space between them.

You can see the black  hot mop product on the shower floor.
We decided to go with one niche in the center and it all worked out beautifully.  The tile guy comes in next.  He installed the chicken wire and then a scratch coat.  This shower is a curbless shower, meaning no curb to step over. Just walk right in. The shower floor is sloped toward the drain.

The Benefit of Curbless Showers 
  • They are very stylish.
  • They are very practical, especially for aging adults.
  • Maximize your bathroom space.  Visually, it opens up your bathroom, making it seem larger.
  • No step or lip to trip over.
  • Clean lines
  • Not just for the aging.  Many benefits for a whole family.
Let the tiling begin!   We are using Philadephia Light Travertine.  I will be showing the shower soon, complete with the new tile and bronze shower components.  

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  1. I'm coming over to shower at your place when the new shower is in. I hope you realize that.

  2. Oh how exciting, Linda. We need to do the same in our master bath. Your husband did a great job of getting the tub out. ♥

  3. Can't wait to see more Linda! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. Oh how fun! That was a big job for your hubby. I imagine you are very excited to see this come to an end. The step leading into a narrow tub sounds very awkward. The new design sounds much safer and more functional. I know with your good taste it's going to look fantastic.

  5. Your sweet hubby is so handy, Linda! I can't wait to see the transformation of your guest bathroom.

  6. remodeling is not fun, but so worth it! We have a walk in shower with only partial glass and we love it!

  7. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  8. Oh man, remodeling is so stressful to me! We just finished up re-doing some flooring in our new house and that was an adventure. Can't wait to see out it turns out, Linda!

  9. I hope you get through the remodeling process unscathed! It will all be worth it once the project is finished!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  10. Hello Linda,
    I like how your shower is turning out so far! I agree, less to trip over or lift legs over is a great solution. Looking forward to seeing your shower with the travertine when it's all done. We put in 20" x 20" pavers over at our former home in the living room. Travertine is soooo beautiful ~ love all the moon patterns!

    Have a great week,
    Barb :)


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