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Essence Of Lavender

We have lots of lavender growing here.  Our backyard is filled with purple plants, ranging from Wisteria, Lilacs, Lavender, Rosemary and more.

 I love this look of our gardens.  It makes me feel like I live  in Tuscany.

We have all kinds of bird houses out in the back yard.  I chose to sit this one up on a stand.

I am drying some bundles of lavender.  There are so many uses for it.  Lovely scented soap.  Sachets for sleeping or putting in your dresser drawer.

Even cookies or scones would be wonderful with these special little blossoms.
* Dad Update  - My dad had surgery on Saturday  morning.  He came through surgery just fine.  He is very sore and tired.  We are grateful for your prayers and good wishes.  He was in the hospital a total of 16 days.  I drove my Mom to the hospital yesterday, Monday to visit my dad.  We were there all day.  The doctor ordered another chest x-ray around noon.  An hour later he came back and said he is removing the two tubes from his lung.  He said if he felt comfortable enough, he could go home.  My dad wanted to go home. We waited until 6:30 to get him discharged. He is recovering at home now.

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  1. Oh my!!!! I love lavender. It is beautiful.
    Glad to hear your dad is recovering from home. xoxo

    1. Thank you Ron. The family is so relieved he is recovery at home. I wish the lavender would never quit blooming, so we can enjoy it year round. xo

  2. Lavender is a favorite of mine Linda and I do wish I had more sun to grow it. Your gardens are just beautiful.
    I'm happy to hear your Dad is home. He must be so happy about that. ♥

  3. Hi Linda, sorry about your dad, so glad he is feeling better and can come back home, beautiful lavender.

  4. Your lavenders are all gorgeous. Lavender is one of my very favorite herbs to grow. I lost my big plant last year because I forgot to bring it in before the heavy frost hit. Darn it!

    I am glad your dad is doing so well. I bet he was glad to get home...I hope he does okay at home now and doesn't have to go back in for treatment anytime soon. Blessings- xo Diana

  5. Your garden does look like Tuscany. Love the lavender!
    Glad your Dad got to go home. Continued prayers.

  6. I love lavender! I picked up some cookies with at a bit of lavender in them at the Lavender Farm we visited a while back and they were so good! I'm glad to know your dad has been released to go home. I'm sure he'll feel so much better being there. Your property really does look like you are in Tuscany. I imagine the mornings are a joy to have your morning cup of coffee while sitting outside.

  7. So glad your dad is doing better and able to come home, he will feel good in his own surroundings!!

    Love the lavender, your yard is wonderful!!!

  8. Hi Linda, my dear friend, Lavender always is wonderful! I am looking forward for mine, but this will still take a while.
    Have a wonderful week,
    sending Love and hugs and blessings,
    claudia xoxo

  9. I know you are relieved that your dad could home to recover. Did you plant the lavender? My friend just went to Utah and they have fields of wild lavender that is used for essential oils. Last evening I baked a lavender poppy seed tea bread in my mini MCK tin :-) Love lavender!

  10. I love love love wisteria and lavender! What an enchanting garden you have. All the purple is absolutely breathtaking. It must smell so nice. You really have a beautiful garden dear Linda :-)

  11. Oh Wow, your garden is dreamy! Ive always wanted to make soap. Love your lavender bundles.
    Glad to hear your dad is doing better!

  12. Linda, I'm overwhelmed by the beauty of your garden! The purple colors must be so cooling, and the scent as you walk through must be amazing!! So glad your Dad is recovering, and I hope he will continue to heal quickly. Linda

  13. You do live in least it looks that way to me..I am happy to see growth on my paltry 6 I am depressed lol..but very happy about your daddy:)

  14. Your garden looks like lavender heaven, Linda! I would love looking out on that view everyday. I have one lavender plant in my garden, and I hope it does well.
    What good news about your dad. I know he's happy to be home. Thanks for the update.

  15. Hi Linda, Great news about your dad. I know it is a blessing to you and your mother. Continued prayers as he recoups at home. Love your beautiful gardens. The lavender is amazing.
    Wishing you a great last week of April! xo

  16. I wish I lived nearby, I would buy some bunches of lavender from you! I love it!!! Your gardens are GORGEOUS!!!! I have 2 TINY lavender plants and got a very FEW stems last year. Glad your Dad came through OK and is now home! I will continue the prayers. XO

  17. Lavender is my favorite color! I love the smell as well. I would love to have your back yard as it is absolutely beautiful !!

  18. I love all the purple. I miss lilacs.

  19. Glad to read the good news about your dad. I hope he continues to improve and feel much better.
    Your gardens are amazing. Yes, you must feel as if you live in Tuscany. What a wonderful view! I can imagine how fabulous it smells. Lavender is my favorite. I keep a lavender pillow on my bed and also ones in our guest rooms.

  20. Hello Linda, lavender happens to be my favorite. I love it so much but I just can't seem to grow it. I love visiting the lavender farm where my mom lives. They have a stand in the farmers market in NYC and I visit that too once a month! You are so lucky to have it in your yard growing so nice.
    I'm glad you dad is doing better.
    Take care and be well.
    Hugs, Julie xo

  21. Wow!! so lovely.. I love lavender scent

  22. So glad to hear the good news about your dad.

  23. I love purples in the garden..especially the lavender! :)

  24. Gorgeous! I wish I could smell all those lovely flowers.


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