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Spring Look for Bakers Rack

Lots of color to brighten up our family room.

Gotta love those cute sweet bunny faces.

Side view of the Spring lined Baker's rack.

Cabbage plates are in full swing, along with the pretty pink rabbit plates.

Spring has sprung.  The plum trees are blooming.  The Lady Bank Roses are coming on.
My husband and I worked in the yard the other day.  The weather is lovely in the 70's.
My back is so sore!

My husband and took my parents to Sacramento the other day.  My mom had an appointment . My dad was picking out a phone for people who cannot see well.  He has Macular degeneration. California  Phones provides free specialized phones for people who cannot see well or hear. We selected this model below.

Macular degeneration

The macula is in the center of the retina, the light-sensitive layer of tissue at the back of the eye. The macula is responsible for central vision (straight-ahead vision). Degeneration of the macula occurs most often after the age of 60 years and is termed age-related macular generation (AMD).

Happy Spring! I am going back  out to do some more  gardening.

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  1. Your baker's rack looks so pretty! I love pink & green together...they are perfect for Spring. I'm glad you shared your signs of Spring today. It was just what a needed since it's anything but Spring where I live.

  2. Sorry...typo...It was just what I needed.

  3. The bakers' rack is so spring-inspired! Love it. It's so cold here; nice to see something so pretty.
    Happy to see you got something that works for your dad. Technology today helps so many with specific needs.

  4. Everything is so lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Linda, your baker's rack is so pretty! I've always wished for one just to have the chance to change it out for the seasons.

    I hope your dad is doing well. My husband has had Macular Degeneration since he was 39 which is very rare. He's legally blind but with all the technology that is available he does just fine. He uses a CCTV reader, he has programs that read to him, etc. He's my hero!

  6. Everything looks so pretty, Linda! Spring has certainly arrived in your neck of the woods! We thought so here a few days ago with some of the trees blossoming and floral buds bursting. But then the temperatures really dropped, snow started falling and now spring is no where insight. More snow is expected tomorrow and the beginning of the week. At least we can dream about spring for now and try to stay warm.

  7. Wonderfully done Linda! I always enjoy seeing you use the cabbage plates :)

  8. Oh how I love your dishes! And the pink ones...oh là là. My grandfather had macular degerarion. He made it to 97 but the vision lost was almost complete at that advanced age.

  9. Hi Linda, I have the Les Vegetables broccoli vase and I adore it, your cabbage plates are gorgeous. California takes much better care of there folks than Arizona, my mom would of loved that phone.

  10. Stour baker's rack looks so pretty all decked out in spring decor, Linda. You and your hubby are so good to your parents. The phone looks perfect for your dad.
    Happy gardening to you, but don't over do it!

  11. Sorry to hear about your dad . . . however I know someone who has had that for many years and it has not got any worse. Let's hope your dad experiences same.
    Beautiful garden and indoor arrangements . . :)

  12. Glad there was a phone for your dad Linda. Your bakers rack could not be any cuter with all your spring decor. Happy gardening!

  13. That might be one of my favorite baker's rack collection yet:) Lovely!

    How great there are specialized phones..I hate all this age related.."stuff" I think getting older should bring rewards:)
    I once had a client w/ it..he was purchasing a home with me..I read the pages out to him..he was so lovely Linda..he trusted me so much♥

  14. Hi Linda, your bakers rack is a spring beauty. So inspiring. Love the color combo. So glad your dad will have a phone designed for his needs. What a blessing. Happy gardening.

  15. Oh my goodness. Spring is my favorite and bunnies are my favorite. I love your baker's rack.

  16. So pretty! I just love the green cabbage paired with pink flowers and bunnies! Instant smiles!

  17. So sorry about your Dads vision. The bakers rck looks SO pretty!

  18. Linda, your bakers rack is beautiful adorned for Spring. One of my favorite color combinations is pink and green so I love this. The bunnies are adorable too!!!

  19. Your bakers rack is so festive, Linda. The pink and green plates, bunnies and flowers welcome spring and I'm ready for it.

  20. Good Morning Linda,
    Your Bakers Rack is one of my favorite spots in your home and you have the most darling plates and seasonal accessories to set it off just right!
    Thinking of you and your parents and wishing everyone well.

  21. I love your spring look on your bakers rack Linda. Thanks for sharing at C&C with J&J. :)

  22. So so beautiful.. I love your blog.. I am a fan of you.. you are such a talented person..

  23. Linda, your baker's rack is so pretty all dressed for spring. I do love a pink and green combination. I hope your Dad does well!

  24. very good Congratulations


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