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Car Buying Ordeal

Don't you just love buying a new car?  Meet our new car.
Our previous car started having all kinds of issues.  We have had it for quite some time, so we were due. Today, there are more women are heavily involved with the decision in buying cars, however some women tend to feel intimidated by the whole process, therefore they bring along a male counterpart.
I am a fighter....LOL, therefore I believe in fighting for what I want. I am also a big researcher, along with my husband.  We are both techy people.  We spent hours researching cars online.  We started out by driving to many dealers to check out the type of car we wanted.  We knew we wanted a  SUV.
We narrowed it down after sitting in some of the SUV's.  I love driving a car that I can actually get into easily and see  so much better.  I still have a sport's car, however it is very low and difficult to get in and out... What was I thinking?
Figure out your budget before shopping...Know the asking price of the vehicles you are interested.
Choose the trim type.  They can vary on price, depending on the model.
We figured out we liked the Toyota Highlander.  We looked and compared the trim models.
Gotta love those bells and whistles!  Whatever you do, do not tell them you are in love with the car.
We compared interested prices against different dealers.  Some dealers will not give you their E price.
We were equipped with ammunition!  Knowing what other dealers were asking and also having it on paper.  My husband loves to communicate via email, so he has a record of the conversation or deal.
We decided to see what kind of price they were willing to negotiate on this model .
You know the dreaded salesmen's and their managers.
After test driving the car, we sit down and then the saleman's manager comes over to start talking about a price.  He comes back and lists the sticker price with all of the costs, tax, license, bla bla bla
I tell him, it's the same price on the darn car window.  Give me a break!  He talks some more and he leaves again.  He comes back with a little better offer.  We tell him, it's not good enough.  My husband tells him a car dealer near our home has a much better offer.  We tell him, we don't love the car.  I am not giving the saleman any clue, that we have absolutely have to own this car.
At this point we are playing the bad cop and the good cop!  I am the bad cop!  LOL
He leaves again.  He comes back with another offer.  Again, we tell him it's not where we want to be.  He says, how about I buy you dinner at our cafe.  I think it's a ploy to keep us there.  I say  I am not hungry.....LOL  He then says, why not just have a beverage.
At this point,we go to the cafe and get a drink.  We talk about some things.  I see the saleman  lurking around.  We go back to the table and the manager comes out again.  He lowers the price and throws in the Low Jack, because my husband told him, it was included in another car deal.
My husband is happy with the deal, but I think we should of  pushed the envelope.  How low will they go? I want to tell them, we need to sleep on it.  If you leave, they lose their leverage.  Most likely if you leave, they will be calling you at home, offering you an even better deal.
What's the worst can happen?  They say no....We have a beautiful car and survived the darn car buying ordeal.  Just in time for Valentine's day and a lovely trip to the coast for our upcoming anniversary in  March.  Thank you Honey......
What is your take on car buying?  I would love to know your story. While I was searching online, I ran across this site.
It made me smile, because my sister site is called
Stay tuned for another Valentine Table.

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  1. Haha..I have car stories:0 My ada sold first car was bought through him..I was was a very used Valiant convertible..after a while I could hardly see out the back mica..I sold it for $100.00 to buy Jacques a wedding 1974..he still has it but many others now after 44 years..
    I sed to get Jacques,when he traded up..I was not worjing until the girs were 6 and 7..
    I could not care less about when I could buy one..and had earned the money..I said..go pick..I don't care what I drive..he bought one like my friend's a Toyota Tercel 4 wheel drive..we needed he brings it home..brand new..and there are huge eagles plastered on it:( Both sides..I wa livid..the salesman thought they would please Jacques..he scraped them off..then I had his Saab..a classic..built like a tank I loved the same time..I bought a dream car:) A white VW daughter has it as a second car now..but then it was time for another..I just bught a simple Mazda.Are you bored yet?:)
    Aha..then I stopped working ..and did not need a realtor car.
    I saw the Fiat 500.I knew I did not want to look at anything else.
    I was tough w/ the salesman too.
    I had called y mechanic who told me what my Mazda was worth..came equipped w/ facts.
    I still love my little white car..sounds weird loving a car..
    I like it..there that sounds better..
    I bet your car is LOVELY!

    1. What funny stories Monique. The eagles were a crack up! No, I am not bored...LOL Buying cars is an experience. You sounds like a wheeler dealer...Good for you. Thanks for sharing your fun stories.

  2. Oh, the dreaded car buying experience. Hubby has gotten quite good at it over the years. It helped that his BIL used to work for GM, so we got the family discount...not a lot of negotiating. It was fun this last go round when I insisted on a set color for both the exterior and interior (not many were made).

    1. Yes, the dreaded experience, but we must endure. Good connections are the best discounts are very helpful. I say, good for you.

  3. I hate everything about buying a car. The last time I got a new one we had about two or three days to get it accomplished in...Hubby was very short with the guy, bordering on rudeness. Told him he didn't want to play games. We hard-balled the financing and ended up with a great rate from our credit union. The guy at the dealership was none too happy, but we weren't shopping for friends that day...UGH I hope we can drive this car til the wheels fall off!

    1. It is amazing how much time it takes to buy a car. I guess it pays to do the research and to always use your own credit union, not theirs. They are all out to get our money. I hope your cars lasts a very long time.

  4. Linda, first off, congratulations on your new car and your anniversary! You guys really know what you are doing. My husband takes care of the whole process at our house. I hate the going back and forth business, but you must in order to get the best deal. We keep our vehicles a long time so we do buy good ones. Have a great get away! ♥

  5. Very good Linda!! I did all my own car buying for a single gal and surprised many a salesman.

    I also have car buying stories from both sides of the desk...or table. Besides buying my own and becoming very good at negotiations...I sold cars, trucks and Jeep. I did that for about 3 yrs and did quite well in keeping customers from negotiating too far!! LOL!!!

  6. Linda, enjoy your new wheels and your trip to the coast! Happy Anniversary! I have had some positive car buying experiences but initially they started out as stressful. My current vehicle is a Jeep Wrangler and it was a great experience. Our credit union located it for us (black is in high demand), for the price we wanted to pay, called my husband while he was walking the streets of New York City and sealed the deal. That was seven years ago and sadly our credit union does not offer that service any longer.

  7. Good for you! I'm the one who pushes for things too. Dan is more passive about it all. I always say it doesn't cost anything to ask! I had a salesman do that back and forth stuff once when I looked at an SUV. I ended up walking out and they pursued me for a while but I never went back. How fun to get a new vehicle! Enjoy!

  8. You go, girl! I'm more passive one and J is the negotiator. He took after is mom...she the queen! Here's an example-she accompanied our family on a trip to Europe. We were in the market place of Florence looking at leather goods. This was set up outdoors and the shops were behind the racks. Our two kids found jackets they liked so the salesman took us inside to negotiate. NONE of us speak Italian and the shop owner spoke limited (it appeared) English. After Grandma and the salesman finally arrived at a price for both jackets, she turned to my husband (her son) and said, "Now pay the man." The look on his and the salesman's faces were priceless! We still laugh about this! Oh, and the kids wore those jackets for years! They were a bit big and great quality! Thanks, Grandma, ...and Dad!! 😊

  9. Oh Linda...I can SOOOO relate!!!
    The one thing extra that I can offer to to tell people to drive the car home & see how well it fits in your garage!!! I went from what I thought was a HUGE van down to a beautiful Buick SUV, only to find out AFTER PURCHASE that the tailgate hits my garage door when opened. I have to leave it out in the driveway to unload ANYTHING...often in the snow & rain. I HATE THAT@#%^& I will never buy another car without taking it for a test drive home & INTO my garage!!

    Also, my DD & good friends have had great luck buying through Sam's Club or Costco. Much better deals!

    Enjoy your pretty new car & Happy Anniversary, too!

    A lovely lovely couple.

  11. I need a new car and have been putting off the process. I need you to negotiate for me. My husband and I dislike the process and don't like researching either. We are a mess so be glad you enjoy this.

    Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine.

  12. Great Post Linda, My hubby and I do the same thing. We work for the best options, what can be included and always do the research. We just bought our new SUV before Christmas and the process went smooth and trouble free in our favor. Yes, never act too excited about anything till the price is right. haha.
    Congrats on your new vehicle and Happy Anniversary. Have a nice weekend ahead. xo

  13. We just bought a new Yukon for me and I love, love it! Just like you I need to be up higher so I can see what is going on ahead of me and ride in comfort and style too.
    I bet you are a cutie in your sports car though!

  14. I don't know why car buying has to be so shady, set a fair price and let the consumer decide period! It's not fair for one person to pay a different price than another just because he played their stupid game better! Glad you finally got it though!

  15. I bought a brand new car in 2001. It'll probably be the only new car I ever get. I still have it.

    I worry now when this car finally breaks down that it'll be hard to buy another car on my own. My dad helped me get that one because when I was looking around at dealerships the salesmen were all really smarmy and tried to rip me off. One place I went, the guy showed me a car older than the one I wanted to trade in and didn't seem to understand why I wasn't interested. My dad has passed on so I won't have anyone to help me.

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