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Copycat - ZGallerie Branches in Pot

I love shopping at ZGallerie.  There are beautiful pieces and accessories I really enjoy.  When things are on sale, it makes perfect sense to purchase them.  Even better yet, when  items are on clearance.

Their description is as follows:
Our stunningly sculptural Gold Branch depicts the refined structure of a deciduous tree cast in the elegance of a metallic gold finish. The gnarled and twisted branches lend visual interest and are wired and flexible for your arranging pleasure. The tree is set in a modernly inspired rectangular vessel with gold pebbles adorning the surface.
They want $139.95 for each set of branches...... Available in Gold, Silver and White.

I decided to  create the branches they now sell on their site.  They also offer them in white and silver.  I think black would be great for some Halloween fun and drama.

I started with some manzanita branches.  One of our friends lives further up the mountain and they have plenty of manzanita and pine cones everywhere. I sent my husband and our friend off to cut some.  I gave him a picture, so they could see what kind of branches I wanted.

I shopped at our local Ross store and found a rectangle metal box....perfect for spray painting and adding the branches.  And then we went to Home Depot and found some perfect little plastic planter boxes.
These boxes measure 15 inches x 7.99 inches. They run about $4.98 each.  They are easy to spray paint. I used Rust-Oleum Metallic spray paint for the box and branches.  The cost is $3.76 each.
I used styrofoam we had on hand.  I like to keep some around for projects.  I cut some pieces to fit in nicely in the planter box.  After I spray painted the branches, I cut them to fit and pushed  them down into the styrofoam.  

For the filler, I used:

White Marble Accent Stones, 32-oz. Bags from the Dollar store.   I added them to cover the styrofoam and then I spray painted them all in place.

Here they are sitting on the new bachelor's chest in the Glam bedroom.  The bedroom is almost finished.  I need to paint the mirror and find some new bedding.  You can see a glimpse of the crystal chandelier.

I think I may cut the height down a bit, so they are not extremely tall.  They will appear a little more fuller then. I plan to use some for a tablescape or two.

So total cost for this project  is :
2 cans of Rust-oleum Metallic Gold Spray paint  - $3.76  x 2
I planter box                                                             $4.98
1 bag of white Marble accent stones -                      $1.00
Styrofoam                                                                  FREE
Manzanita Branches -                                                FREE
                                                                                   $13.50 + tax

Much better than the $139.95 
Here's a photo of the branches on a table by ZGallerie

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  1. Beautiful. I never heard of that store.

  2. I have never heard of it either of course but applaud your ingenuity!

  3. Another AMAZING creation! I love the bachelor's chest in the glam bedroom. It's beautiful. The branch decoration goes perfectly. Simply beautiful.

  4. Even though I loved it a Z Gallerie, I think yours is every bit as stunning if not more so. What a beautiful bachelor's chest to set it on. Amazing and oh so creative.

  5. Linda, this is gorgeous!! I've not shopped Z Gallerie but looks like you created the perfect twin to this beautiful display!! Love it. Amazing what a few elements and a can of spray paint will do!! Thanks for sharing. xo

  6. This looks like a fun project! You are lucky to be able to find the manzanita branches so easily! You did a great job with the copycat look!

  7. Definitely looks like a piece of art work! Beautiful job.

  8. Linda, this is a great dupe! My daughter actually bought the white one from ZGallerie for her kitchen island. Heck, we could have just had you to make us one! LOL!!!

  9. What a great idea! The branches would be questionable around here...type, etc. You really made a gorgeous look alike! Spray paint works miracles doesn't it? :)


  10. Dear Linda,
    those "naked" branches are wonderful! Thank you for sharing this idea with us :O)
    Happy week to you,
    Love, hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  11. I agree. I would cut them a little shorter. Good copy cat! xo

  12. Ooooh Linda, your copycat version of Z Gallerie's branches looks even prettier than theirs! Thanks for sharing your thriftiness and creativity with us. The branches add such a dramatic effect to your glam bedroom chest. The peek of the chandelier looks so pretty. I can't wait to see the big reveal.

  13. Once again, you have triumphed!

  14. Linda, I am in love with your copy cat version and Oh I do love the price too! Pinning this one my friend. I think I might just can do this myself. LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  15. Just so beautiful! Linda, you are an inspiration. xo

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  17. Love this idea Linda!! You saved $$ and they look fabulous :)

  18. Ahhh, I was just there last night - gold, gold everywhere! My favorite store after Home Goods.
    What a beautiful rendition - so pretty. Whatever you do - I love!!!

  19. Great job! I used to decorate with branches...and you just reminded me. Thanks. Sheila

  20. Holy wow Linda, this is so brilliant! Looks fabulous you clever girl!

  21. Fabulous job Linda! These are lovely, and with this property of ours there is a good supply of branches-I am so going to do this for Christmas!

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