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GFC Gadget - Follow, Now Unfollow

Ok, I am writing this post, because Laura from White Spray Paint Blog recently sent me an email asking about her Google Friend Connect gadget.  She said it now shows Unfollow.
Well, just to let people  know, this gadget will show Unfollow when bloggers have already connected and followed via GFC. If someone new visits her blog  and wants to follow, they will see the Follow.  See below!  It makes perfect sense.  Similar to Facebook Like and Unlike.

If you want to keep using Google Friend Connect, there is no need to worry.  It still works.
For test purposes, I unfollowed Laura's GFC and  now, it shows Follow.  If I click to follow, it will revert back to Unfollow.


Ok for those who decided to remove the GFC gadget because of this, you can add it back with your existing followers by clicking add a gadget.

Click add a Gadget, then click More Gadgets.....the second page.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for Followers.

You will see the box below:  Just click Save.

You will now have your Followers back!
I know this is important for many bloggers who still use this gadget.

If you’re a blog reader and you see a  follower widget on someone’s site,  you can follow their blog by clicking follow. If you’re on Blogger, that blog, you just followed is then added to “Blogs I’m Reading” on your dashboard. If you’re a blog owner, adding the widget will allow readers who use GFC to follow you.   *It does have it's benefits.  Bloggers like to look at blogs who are updating their posts, just by looking at your "Reading List".
You can also add another GFC button at the bottom of each post.  See example below.

Those long Blogroll lists 

If you use GFC, there is no need to add tons of blogs you love on your precious sidebar with a blogroll.  It takes up so much space and it does slow down your blog's loading time.  You are losing some prime real estate there, plus no one is going to scroll forever to read everyone of those beloved blogs. 

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  1. Thank you for clarifying this concern. You always have such a savvy approach to techie sort of questions.

    1. You are quite welcome Jemma. I try to explain things easily for Bloggers who might find some things frustrating.

  2. Oh Linda, I just thought something was going on with google again. One of my friend's blogs on my side bar is showing up huge. And it's happened before, but returned smaller like the other icons. Thanks for letting us know this.

    Yes, I want to go to that café really soon. It looks so nice. I'm wondering, is it open just on the weekends or on the weekdays also?

    love, ~Sheri

    1. Sheri, nothing going on with Google. I don't think they explained the new unfollow situation. Definitely try the High Hand Nursery Cafe. It is quite delightful.

  3. So nice of you to share more of your skills with us all!

  4. Thanks, Linda! I'm not sure if I understand it know me!!

  5. I'll have to reread with my morning mind:) But thank you!

  6. Thank you. I put my blog list on the footer. It frees up the space and I keep up with my reading list.

  7. Kinda- in my most recent post, I referred to you as a Blog Paramedic!
    Which you are :)

  8. I'm glad you mentioned this Linda as I don't see my GFC button with followers at all on my blog now. I'm not great at these things, but will look into it. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. ♥

  9. Last month I thought I was going crazy. I deleted my gadget and then found out what you posted was correct. I put the gadget back. I know alot of bloggers were confused about the unfollow button.

  10. Linda, thank you for explaining this to us! I was a bit confused too!
    Happy week to you,
    Love and hugs,Claudia xo

  11. Linda,
    I noticed this recently and figured that it was based on the same principle that pinterest uses. They also have a Follow button and an Unfollow button. I truly did not give it a second thought. I like my blog rolls as that is a quick and easy way to see what my favorites are posting and I don't list all of them. Since I do not believe in advertising on my blog, I don't need the space on the side bar.Great explanation though for those that did not understand it.

  12. I'm so glad you wrote this. I lost a few but gained a few and now I know why.

  13. Linda you are a blessing! You explain it so we Bloggers can understand it!

  14. Thanks for the tip, Linda, very well explained.

  15. Thank you.
    This was so easy to do with your instructions.
    Linda C in Seattle

  16. Thank you for such great info.
    I am having a problem with google plus, in which I wish I had never signed on too. My comment box is changed on my blogger website. I want the way it used to be back. Can't seem to do so. Very frustrating.


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