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Sowing The Seeds of Prayer Centerpieces

My girlfriend Karen recently asked me to help her with an upcoming church event, Sowing the Seeds of Prayer.  She wanted my inspiration for centerpieces for the table.  It all started with the oval  tin flower planters.  She told me about them, but I didn't know what they looked like.  So off to the Dollar store I went to purchase a couple.  They come in different floral designs.  I chose sunflowers and the pretty pink flowers.

 Each one is different.  When Karen shared the theme name, I immediately thought of  seeds in the garden....sowing the seeds. Flowers, seeds, garden gloves and butterflies.  Karen came over 1 day and had 4-5 mini wooden bird houses, so we decided the birdhouses would be a cute addition, with little birds.

I wanted to personalize them each with a bookmark.  I created some yellow bookmarks and pink ones. I have a small laminating machine that can create two bookmarks.  Adding the tassels complete the look.

The dollar store has all different garden gloves.  Almost everything is from the Dollar store, with the exception of the bird houses and seeds.  They sometimes carry these items.

Seed packets were hot glued onto wooden skewers to poke  in the foam.  The butterflies were attached to each corner of the seed packets.  I found these seeds at Walmart  for .20 each.

I decorated each bird house differently.  I decoupaged the roofs with pretty paper.  I painted  them all and  highlighted the roof lines in a complimentary color. I used wooden skewers to attach the bird houses to the foam in the bottom of the flower tins.  My husband drilled tiny holes in the bottom of the bird houses.  He also extended the bird perches, because they were too short for the bird to sit on. Thank you my love for helping!  He does read my blog


  • flower tin
  • moss
  • hot glue
  • 2 bunches of flowers
  • pair of garden gloves
  • wooden skewers
  • seed packets - 1 per arrangement
  • bird house
  • bird
  • butterfly
  • paint
  • decoupage
  • paper

A  very fun project to make.  The best part most of the supplies are from the dollar store.
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  1. Very cute centerpieces, Linda. What a great job on the birdhouses. Nice that you thought of the birds and made them more habitable! ♥

  2. Very cute idea! What fun centerpieces for the event. The bird houses came out so cute- and I like the garden gloves with them too!

  3. You are the rock star of creativity! I don't know what our church would do without your ideas and generosity with your time, energy and grace. I love these centerpieces and they are perfect for our theme. Thank you a million times for once again being such a critical component of a St. Luke's event.

  4. What a wonderfully creative idea, Linda...they're DARLING!! I saw those birds & butterflies in Walmart & stood there wondering what I could do with them. I should go back & get some, just for future use. I love the idea of "Sowing Seeds of Prayer" & know that your event will be a huge success. BRAVO!!

  5. These centerpieces look so adorable and go perfectly with the theme of your church event. What a poignant creative idea, Linda!

  6. You're such a sweet to have helped and they look adorable..I love tht store..for lots of little things..:)

  7. How cute! You are so creative. sheila

  8. Hi Linda,
    What adorable centerpcs.......such a great idea.......and they really are so cute!
    Bet your friend was delighted and so was the ladies that got to enjoy them.
    Did they give them away as door prizes?? I have made many a center piece for our
    church as well, and we would many times give them away as door prizes. So that
    made it even more fun.........
    I remember making some Christmas ones where I dried and shellaced some gingerbread cookies,
    to glue on the greenery....and had a number of the arrangements done and sitting on my dining room table. I went out shopping and when I came back my lil schnauzer had gotten up
    on the table (he had never done that before) and had taken a bite out of each
    cookie (there were 3 on each arrangement........I could not believe it.........guess he must have liked the smell of them or something. So I shellaced more cookies and had them drying in
    the garage and my son got made at me and threw them in the woods, so I had to dry and shellac more then redid the arrangements, and they came out darling..........well we gave them away as door prizes and one of the ladies that won one of them called the church office and said her cat had eaten the gingerbread cookies............and wondered if it would hurt her cat and my friend
    told her well, Nellie has a small dog and he ate them and he was fine........makes me laugh just
    thinking about it.........makes me want to call my friend now and reminisce about that. lol
    Well, great work, and hope this finds you doing well sweetie,
    Blessings, Nellie

  9. Those are so adorable!! I just love them and you did such a great job! I love bookmarks...they are one of the sweetest things to give and receive! And those little bird houses....excellent!!

  10. Linda, What a wonderful projects and table decoration! How fun for you to help your friend; I'm sure many were blessed! Have a great weekend.

  11. What a sweet idea, Linda! The centerpieces turned out so cute and I love that your hubby even helped out. You find the cutest things at the Dollar store.

  12. Dearest Linda,
    This is such a sweet and pretty project. I love it, and it would be a perfect gift for a hostess, someone in the hospital, oh I can think of a million ways to share this cutie!

  13. Such sweet centerpieces. I love how each one is similar yet different. Perfect use of the theme she gave you!

  14. Pretty! Thanks so much for sharing your idea on the party this week. Hope you come back again next week. #HomeMattersParty

  15. That is so crafty and cute. Love it

  16. I can’t imagine focusing long enough to research; much less write this kind of article. You’ve outdone yourself with this material. This is great content. white widow seeds


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