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April Blooms

April showers brings beautiful flowers.  My husband and myself worked in the yard today. Such back breaking work, but so satisfying.  I love to walk around and take in the beauty and sounds of nature. The frogs are ribbiting and the birds are singing beautifully.
This particular photo was taken by my husband the other afternoon.  It was hailing. It makes for a beautiful shot.

A new grass we bought over the weekend.  It has lovely purple flowers.

A picture of our hidden path that winds down to where our spa is, next to the pool. I recently trimmed the pathway and palm trees.

Another pathway that leads down to the  pool area, where the palapa and pool is. We have roses at the bottom of the steps on both sides. The arbors have filled in nicely with Trumpet vine.
More fragile little flowers along the way to admire.

Our tiered wall my husband created.  The maple tree is looking great!  Grasses, flowers and garlic grows in the planters.

LA Hydrangeas getting ready to bloom.

On another note: Our bed bases are arriving tomorrow, so hopefully, I can put together a post about the new adjustable bed.  I am anxious to try the controls. It has many bells and whistles.

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  1. Linda- your garden and all of its special spaces is lovely.
    You have a lovely haven.
    I am so glad you shared this at today's Garden Party!

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  2. Your garden is simply lovely.

  3. You both maintain your property so pristinely..what a pleasure!

  4. My garden is my haven too. My heart slows down, the stress creeps away, and I just smile out there. Your place always just amazes me. It's beautiful.

    Thanks so much for joining the garden party. :)

  5. I like the little hidden path! And the lion statues guarding your step.

  6. Love seeing your garden photos, so inspiring. It's definitely back breaking work, but seeing yours? Makes people know that it's worth it.

  7. What a lovely garden! It looks like a lot of work to keep up but it looks truly beautiful!

  8. Your garden is gorgeous, Linda. I can tell you love it! Whenever I work in mine I can tell pretty quickly that I'm not as young as I used to be. Your first photo is amazing! Thank you for sharing your special garden! ♥

  9. Oh so beautiful is your home setting and grounds! Your work has yielded beauty!

  10. That hail shot is amazing Linda. Thank you so much for linking up to the Garden Party. Your garden is completely enchanting!

  11. Your garden has so many wonderful walkways and looks very professional. What a view you have and so many beautiful trees, scrubs, flowers and architectural features. I love the spiral in the pot!

  12. Linda, your garden is just stunning! I love all of the wonderful trails. They add such interest to a garden. Thanks for sharing with the Garden Party.

  13. GOod morning Linda!Having fun in the SUN! Wow, that is a great shot with the hail, sparkling in the sunshine. Soon, I will be puttering in my garden as school just has until the first week of June!!!

    Happy day! Anita

  14. Good Morning Dear Linda,
    I have strolled with you this morning down your winding paths and breathed in the fresh morning air. I loved it all. I have pinned too:)
    You have a Garden Of Eden just outside your door!
    I love it all.
    Happy Wednesday my sweet Linda!

  15. Linda, I feel like a broken record because it always seems I say the same thing-you are amazing! Many years ago, when we would visit a sil for holidays, the daughters, sil and myself would drive through an incredible area in Folsom and I'm sure we saw your home. What landscaping, reminds me so much of the Broadmoor Estate in our state. I am in awe of your energy too; if we had good weather this week I'd want to get out and garden. Hugs, Noreen

  16. You have a lovely property Linda! It is so Huge, no wonder you call it backbreaking. I admire your energy level in taking such good care of it :)

  17. I love your garden. It is so pretty. Since we plan on selling this house in a few years we have not done much to the yard, but the next house I plan on having a beautiful yard with lots of flowers and shrubs and secret places.

  18. Dearest Linda, I loved strolling along with you in your very own Garden of Eden. You have so much beauty to enjoy and love. Now that we're down by the spa, can we hop in and relax? I'll bring some dessert to share for afterwards!

  19. HI Linda, what a beautiful garden you have. I just knew it would be anyway as your home is so pretty on the inside. Take care!


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