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My Birthday and More Garden Photos

Tomorrow is April Fool's Day and it is also  my birthday.  I am hating these numbers now....LOL
Not sure what the day will bring, but I do know my dear hubby  made dinner reservations.

Just sharing more of our property.  We have 26 acres with trails and lots of wildlife. You can see the wisteria and Lady banks are going crazy this year. 

Chloe and Dante, Mother and son.  They love rides in our Gator vehicle.  They sit and stare at my husband when they want a ride.

One of our many outdoor spaces to sit and entertain.

Every year, I love seeing the Japanese Maple spread out and bloom.

Some pictures of our wooded property.

There are many wildflowers this year.
I love this time of year, when everything is so green and the flowers are all blooming.

A view from the top of our property.
One of our many rock outcroppings.

Happy April Fools Day!
I am sharing at Thoughts of Home on Thursday

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  1. Beautiful images of your wonderful property dear Linda. You look so pretty as a little girl and a beautiful woman today... no matter what age!
    Have the happiest of birthdays and have a great evening with your dear hubby. My dear uncle's birthday is tomorrow too, so I will never forget yours either!
    Much blessings for a new year filled with love and good health.

  2. A big Happy Birthday to you, Linda! I love the quote you started with and I hope you enjoy a great day with your husband!

    The photos of your lovely property have me swooning. The views are spectacular and I could never imagine having many acres of beautiful land. I couldn't help but notice the wisteria. I have it growing up my front porch at the lake to the balcony and arbor above. It is absolutely wild and eating the house!! Around your patio...I'm wondering how you care for it and keep it contained. I really love it, planted it myself.

    Sorry for the questions when you are probably celebrating!!

    Love to you and best wishes for a great many more years!! Cheers!

    Jane xx

  3. Happy birthday, Linda. April 1st was my dad's birthday, today is my sister's...she missed Dad's by less than an hour!
    I love wisteria, but have never tried growing it. Your acreage is gorgeous, everything so green. We are just now starting to green up after a dismally brown winter...the only snowstorm we got never even covered the ground completely.
    Happy, happy birthday...hope this coming year is one of your best.

  4. Linda!!!! Happy Birthday!!!
    What beautiful pics and lovely garden.
    Have a nice weekend

  5. LINDA! Happy birthday beloved Linda! I can almost feel the warmth of the California sun beaming out springtime! And your property, GOOD GRACIOUS I had no idea you had 26 acres! WOWOWOWOWOOWOWOOOOWWW! Enjoy it dearest. ENJOY!

  6. Happy Birthday Linda. No matter what you do today, I hope you have a day filled with love and laughter.

  7. Even as a child you were a beauty! Your property is so attractive. I didn't know you had those outcroppings. What a treasured piece of land to own! I hope today is beautiful all day for you and that dinner will be fantastic! Happy Birthday XO, Liz

  8. What a little cutie you were and such a lovely lady you are...Happy Birthday Linda!
    Enjoy the spring weather :)

  9. Happy Birthday Linda. Hope it's fun filled and with surrounded by laughter & love!

  10. Happy Birthday Linda, I just turned 64, don't think you are even close to 60 yet. Hope your day is filled with all that makes your heart sing. I love your property, how incredible, but also a lot of work. I so miss Wisteria and some of our other flowering plants. We have one Lacy Leaf Japenese Maple here and pamper it-killed about a dozen the first 6 yrs we were here.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  11. Have a happy birthday, Linda! No foolin' about it either!

  12. Happy Birthday Linda! Wishing you a perfect day!

  13. Happy Birthday Linda! Your property is amazing!

  14. Happy Birthday Linda!...and many more. I love seeing your grounds. Everything is beautiful. We left 80 acres...and I miss the land and openness. Less work for us though. ha! Sheila

  15. 26 acres???? In California??? You are sitting on a gold mine!!!! Every inch of it is absolutely gorgeous. When we had our "close to 2 acres" I thought THAT was alot to take care of! HAPPY, happy birthday dear Linda!!! I hope it is the best one ever! XO

  16. Happy Birthday, my sweet friend!! Your place is looking so fabulous and it looks like the weather is adding to it's beauty.
    I love your quote on maturity. I need to print that out and tape it to my bathroom mirror as a reminder each day, lol.
    Things are a little crazy on this end with many life-changing events that I want to fill you in on. I'll call at the beginning of next week when things settle down. I miss you TONS, laughing with you. Have the best day ever - you deserve it!! oxox

  17. Happiest of Birthdays! I loved seeing your property. It would be my dream, well one of them, to live in the middle of that much beauty. I assume you have some help taking care of all that!

  18. Your property is gorgeous and the wisteria on the trellis, be still my heart! That is too funny about your dogs staring at your hubs when they want a ride! Hope you have a wonderful celebration dinner~

  19. I didn't realize you had that much acreage, Linda. It is gorgeous. Part of it is defined and has beautiful gardens and part of it has a wild beauty to it. Just lovely. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. It was also my sweet grandmother's birthday. xo Diana

  20. Happy Birthday, Linda. You do live in the most wonderful place, fabulous photos.

  21. Dearest Linda,
    Your property is so lush, serene, quiet and soothing. Do you take walks along the trails and paths?
    I am wondering too about wildlife?
    I am going to write down this quote about aging. It is so perfect and you know that is just the way I want to age too.
    It is a joy for me to have met you, you are one of the most graceful, kind, caring and lovely Ladies that I know.
    Sending wishes for a year full of beautiful blessings, my friend.
    Thank you for joining us at Thoughts Of Home On Thursday too.

  22. Hello Linda and Happy Birthday! Wow you do have gorgeous property and the cutest dogs. Have a wonderful birthday weekend.
    Julie xo

  23. Wishing you a belated "Happy Birthday"! I hope it was perfect from beginning to end.
    That photo of the table & chairs beneath your wisteria literally took my breath away, as did the mountain shot. I had no idea you could see the mountains from your home. You are truly blessed to be able to celebrate another birthday after your cancer scares & you still have your sweet hubby there to celebrate with you. I hope you get many, many many more 100+!!!

  24. I'm hoping you had the best birthday ever, Linda! Your property is just breathtakingly beautiful!! I wish I could see it in person, but thank goodness for photos and the Internet.

  25. Hi Linda! Oh, you're just the prettiest little thing, then and now. I didn't realize you had 26 acres and oh so beautiful!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  26. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY AND many more. Just beautiful! You and the property. Love the wisteria.


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