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Nicholson Blown Glass - Pumpkins

We recently attended the Pumpkins and Brew Pumpkin Event at Nicholson Blown Glass.
We bought a couple of pumpkins.  One for our friends, an orange one and a cream and gold one to add to our collection.

Rick and Janet’s dedication to glass blowing is evident in the excellent quality of their work. The emphasis in their small studio is on creativity and innovation. Each piece is a free-hand expression of the excitement and risk-taking found in an experimental glassblowing studio.

Rick  and Janet have ventured out into making lighting, sinks, statues, beautiful bowls, goblets and more. Their figurative sculptures, lighting sculptures and multiple piece ceiling installations are commissioned in many hotels and private residences all over the world.

Lots of pumpkins to choose from.  Different shape, sizes  and colors, even  leaves.

Gorgeous Point Break Wave bowls

Goblets, vases and more.
Their latest adventures is Shorebirds, Quail, and Equine. Go check them out!  They have some amazing pieces. Nicolson Blown Glass

Sorry once again, I did not have time to write any posts. or visit  blogs. I was completely wrapped up with helping my girlfriend with her annual Tea event.  The theme was  Give My Regards To Broadway.  This past week was crazy busy. I designed the invitations, created the centerpieces, tweaked the program, and then my girlfriend and I dressed the tables, chairs and decorated the room. The tea was yesterday.  It was a great success!   Here's a look at the invitation.  The colors were red, black and gold.

My brother came by for a couple of days this week, while on a layover.  My Mother joined us for one of the days to see my brother who lives in Southern California. I gave my Mother a perm and  fixed lunch for all of us.

On top of that, our friends had a dinner party last night and I baked a 4 layer  carrot cake for dessert Saturday morning before the tea. I am exhausted!  Enjoy the coming week!



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  1. Oh .. beautiful work !
    I loved :)

  2. You are one busy lady!

    I love blown glass works of art..Simon Pearce in Vermont was so nice to visit many years ago..and Old QC had a lovely one too..Dale Chihuly..this lovely talented couple..
    your purchases are beautiful Linda.

  3. Hi Linda! Oh, my, you've been a busy gal! The invitation is lovely and that cake sounds wonderful. I just adore carrot cake.
    Be a sweetie,

  4. The tea sounds wonderful and the glass pumpkins are extraordinary! You've had a happy though busy time lately, very nice, Linda.

    4 layers of carrot cake? Marvelous! With cream cheese frosting? My favorite cake!

  5. How beautiful! I especially love the orange (or gold) and cream ones. Carrot cake is a favorite - perhaps you will share your recipe :)

  6. Good grief, you SHOULD be exhausted!!! The glass pumpkins are gorgeous! I have 2: both leopard print:):) LOVE them!!! They are not from your friends though.

  7. OMGOSH! Those are amazing!!! Can you believe how beautiful all those things are? My brother used to work for Corning Glass Works and I have a rare piece of blown blue Steuben glass (it's a vase)shot through with real is an amazing piece and one I will always treasure.
    Your tea sounds like a lot of fun AND a lot of work. You are a good soul, Linda. xo Diana

  8. Wow they create beautiful pieces. I like hose big wavy glass bowls and the pumpkins. What a fun place to go. Sounds like you've had your hands full. Hopefully this week you'll catch up on some rest!

  9. Stunning creations! They have an incredible talent...and you have many! I'm exhausted just reading about your week. :) I'm sure the tea was wonderful...are you able to share any photos? LOVE carrot cake!


  10. Stunning glass! I love the colors and details they give to each piece.

    Sounds like you've been super busy! Hope things calm down a bit and you get a chance to relax a bit!

  11. These are gorgeous, Linda!I love glass pieces. You have been a busy girl. The invitation is lovely and the cake sounds yummy! Have a great week!

  12. Oh, those are just stunning! I adore the white ones with the golden lines coming down. What a fun talent to have - wish I had it! My favorites are the wave bowls. We have a couple in Cabo - they are just so stunning! I am exhausted too! Life seems to get busier!!

  13. I love the pumpkins and all the gorgeous glass pieces, Linda. What fabulous works of art!!
    You have been so busy. I hope you have time to relax a bit.

  14. Yes, I've seen similar glass pumpkins in stores and they are indeed gorgeous!

  15. Hi Linda, WOW what incredible glass art. Love these pumpkin designs and the colors are gorgeous. It would be so fun to visit here and be inspired. My you have been very busy. Hope things slow down a bit for you in the coming days. Hugs, cm

  16. Linda, these blown glass pumpkins are so pretty. There is a variety of colors also, which makes it nice for everyone to pick and choose. I really like the cream and gold one, it's so lovely. The tea event sounds wonderful - just my kind of thing.

    I hope you are enjoying these Autumn days.

    love, ~Sheri

  17. Beautiful pieces! Love all the different color. Gorgeous work! xxx Maria

  18. Those glass pumpkins are beautiful!

  19. Those glass pumpkins look wonderful and very elegant. We all love pumpkins over here too! All the best xx

  20. Linda, those pumpkins are so very special. This summer I had the opportunity to go to Chilully (spelling?) Gardens in Seattle. It was a highlight of the trip to see his glassblowing skills in such abundance. I am in love with glass glass blown art. Joni

  21. Oh, I love glass designs, Linda, and this couple is so extraordinarily talented. So glad you shared their beautiful work with us. The colours are just stunning.
    Sounds like you have been run off your feet, friend. Time to catch your breath and enjoy the weekend! Did you snap pics of the cake? lol. I bet you forgot! I'm going to have to start texting you reminders!
    Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog, Linda. They truly make my day :) Lots of love to you. xoox

  22. Beautiful work. I just love pumpkins. I guess you could say I have a thing for pumpkins. I enjoyed this post. Thanks, Valerie


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