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Annual Women's MinistryTea

This is the tea event my girlfriend and I worked on.  The theme was Give My Regards to Broadway, using the comedy and tragedy masks. The colors were red, black and gold. I do think red tablecloths would have looked better. I wish we had the budget and decor to mimic  something like this below.

We dressed the chairs in white chair covers and tied either gold or red bows.
We used what  the former caterer had. Beth used to have a catering business and now she is heavily involved in the church.  She and another woman prepared the food for the luncheon.
Unfortunately no one took any good photos. With all of the white, it tends to look like a wedding.

This event took place at Karen's church.

Each table had a centerpiece....consisting of the comedy and tragedy masks.  This charger  looks pink, but it is bright red. I came up with the design after my friend Karen brought me a star dish from the dollar store. I suggested spraying the star dishes black.  Initially, the tablecloths were thought to be red, so the black would show up.  After the fact, the tablecloths tuned out to be white, so I added red chargers to the centerpieces. You can picture a more dramatic look if the chair covers and tablecloths were in the colors like the invitation and program.
On the left is the invitation I designed.  My friend Karen came up with the design for the program.
I tweaked it in my photo program and added more text inside.  I took them to be printed and folded at Staples.

Here are some of the decorations.  Karen bought these items online.  Cute ushers and a Broadway sign.  Notice the little black camera prop.  it is actually a light.

Here is another sign for the wall behind the band and singers.

Programs at each seating, along with a centerpiece.

Some of the playbills I printed for the centerpieces.

Here are the masks I found online.  I used them on gold  glitter foam board from Michaels.
It had a sticky back, so I stuck two together, so people could see the masks from both side.
I wanted to make cookies to match the theme as a  party favor, however the first batch of cookies did not turn out.  My girlfriend made me promise I would not make them. She thought I was doing too much work!

Here's my lovely friend Karen, all decked out as Velma Kelly from the Chicago Play.

This picture my husband took of me before I went to the event. I am playing Roxie Hart from the Chicago play. My son and his financee came over this weekend to help my husband with the framing of the upstairs balcony cover.  It is almost finished, except for painting and hiring a roofer.  Oh and my husband wants to screen it in.

Stay tuned for some Halloween tablescapes. I will leave you with my pumpkin faces...



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  1. You make a great flapper! I agree with you about the tablecloths -- too much white.

  2. Looks like a fun event!! You are looking great - as always!!!

  3. You may not have been 100% satisfied with your decorations, but I think it all looks wonderful. What a fun evening for everyone!

  4. It sounds like you had a good time! I am so glad...You and Karen looked SO adorable!!

  5. Hi Linda, Your decor for the event is wonderful. You girls did an amazing job. Love the pic of you and your friend. Love the rainy fall photo. Great face pumpkins too.
    Have a nice week. cm

  6. Good Evening Linda,
    So great to catch up with you. You gals did a lovely job on the decorations, theme and overall event. I know how it is to have a vision for a project and then to have to revise it, but truly it all looks amazing!
    Love your look-you are adorable!

  7. You and your friend did a fabulous job for the tea, Linda! Yes, you did do a lot of work, but I'm sure everyone appreciated it. You and your friend look so cute all decked out in your fun attire.
    I love your cute pumpkins and the pretty picture at the end of your post!

  8. You know I'm a red person so I think I understand how you felt. :) It's all just beautiful though ~ can't imagine anything you do not being top of the line! You and Karen look gorgeous and I feel sure a good time was had by all. Thanks for sharing all the photos!


  9. You and your friend did a really beautiful job. That is a really fun theme and I hope everyone loved and truly appreciated all the work you both did. You and your friend both look gorgeous!!!! xo Diana

  10. Great job on the event. Your invitation is very nice and all the decorations are super. Wish I had your technical talent. Centerpieces are striking and fit in with the theme so well.That was a clever idea to spray paint the star dishes black too. Looks like a fun time. Love your outfit.
    Your upstairs balcony sounds nice.
    Hope your

  11. Oh, Linda! The decorations are wonderful---you and your friend really outdid yourselves. So festive. I know you and everyone had a great time. Bravo!!

    Jane x

  12. It looks to me like it turned out great even if each detail wasn't what you hoped for. It is too bad no one got a picture especially with everyone seated at the tables and all dressed up. You looked marvelous in your outfit!

  13. Very cool! You should have been an interior designer, although your skills probably helped you sell houses with your staging ideas. I love that last picture where you can see the rain falling.

    I have a question that I hope you can help me with and don't mind answering. I know how to add buttons to my blog. But what if I wanted to add the code with it so that I can share it with others. How do I do that? I don't know what I'm doing, so when I put the code in, it adds the button again. Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide.

  14. Linda, everything looks wonderful and I love the theme. You and your friend did a fabulous job and you both look so pretty, too. Hugs... :)

  15. Oh how fabulous! I love the centerpieces! And you look fantastic!....Christine

  16. What a fabulous Tea Party! You guys did a great job!

  17. I have had so much fun reading over your blog...Great job! I think you did great with your tea party, I am sure everyone was impressed with all of the work and extra touches


  18. Sounds like an awesome tea party. Loved the picture of you as Roxy. Your friend Karen looked lovely. Looks like a lot of time and work went into this production. ;o)


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