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Sasha & Lacy- Our Schnauzers

We have been very busy taking care of our doggies and working in the yard.

An update on Sasha  -  We had to take her back to the vet last Saturday.  She was weak and not eating again.  After a couple of weeks of being her usual self, she started declining again.
The vet recommended we leave her there so they could administer IV fluid therapy.
Her kidneys are  failing.

We picked her up on Tuesday.  It seems the rest of her life, we will have to give her fluid therapy at home.  It's subcutaneous fluids under the skin.  The kidneys are old and they do not work like  they used to. Toxins need to be flushed out. Sasha is 15 1/2.
Below are instruction to do this.  It works the same way   to give a dog fluids under the skin.


This treatment will give Sasha the extra help she needs.   She has started eating again and even  comes outside when  we are working in the yard.

Our Lacy is almost 14 years old and has Canine Cognitive Disease.
As long as she has enjoyment in life, minimal stress and pain, and still knows us, I think her quality of life is good. Her appetite is also very good.

Doggie Dementia has the following symptoms:

  • Pacing back and forth or in circles (often turning consistently in one direction
  • Getting lost in familiar places
  • Staring into space or walls
  • Walking into corners or other tight spaces and staying there
  • Appearing lost or confused
  • Waiting at the “hinge” side of the door to go out
  • Failing to get out of the way when someone opens a door
  • Failing to remember routines, or starting them and gets only partway through
  • Forgetting cues and trained behaviors she once knew
  • Exhibiting motor difficulties like difficulty backing up (aside from physical problems)
  • Startling easily
  • Getting less enthusiastic about toys or stopping playing altogether
  • Performing repetitive behavior
  • Failing to respond to her name
  • Having difficulty getting all the way into bed
  • Falling off things
  • Getting trapped under or behind furniture
  • Sleeping more during the day and less at night
  • Forgetting house training
  • Having difficulty learning anything new
  • Seeking attention less; getting withdrawn
  • Acting frightened of people she once knew
  • Having trouble with stairs

Our dogs have been a big part of our life.  They are family to us.  Just like people, older dogs can come down with the same issues.

I found this website:  Eileenanddogs    
It has been very helpful learning how to deal with this disease.

I hope life is going well for all of you.  Happy week-end ahead.

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  1. I'm so sorry to read about the failing health of your pets. It's always sad and disturbing to see our fur babies decline after so many wonderful and active years. Continue loving them and taking care of them the way you always have. Their unconditional love is still there and they are so grateful for your love and care too.

  2. Admirable doggie parents.
    How fortunate they are so loved and nurtured Linda..

    Our eldest daughter lost her 14 yr old Kali..while she was at Disney w/ Noah..they just got Grizzly.
    They are great dog parents too.
    Feel bad for you:(

    Take care..

  3. Awww bless you, Paul and these sweet doggies. I never knew about doggie dementia. xo

  4. Dear Linda,

    I can definitely empathize, as I have had cats most of my life and it is never easy to see their health fail. Your photos are lovely.

  5. I am so sorry, Linda. It is so hard on us when our pets start to fail and lose quality of life...hard to let them go even when we know we should. I think we keep the until they are in pain or unable to enjoy life anymore.
    God bless you- I know how important they are in your life. xo Diana

  6. Hello and sorry about that. Best wishes.

  7. On boy that's a big step for you to have to administer the fluids but obviously the benefits are worth it. Poor Lacy- getting old stinks sometimes! Hang in there I know it's stressfulhugs, Liz

  8. And the best to YOU, LINDA! You have a lot on your plate here, but the love we have for our furry friends is not a burden. I hope the therapy gives your sweet little friends the life and vigor they need to make each day special. What sweet faces. Love to you all! Anita

  9. You and your hubby are not only a great team on projects, but wonderful, loving caregivers to your pets. Bless you as you love and care for Sasha and Lacy.

  10. Hi Linda, your babies are lovely. I've dealt with both of these issues with 2 of my dogs and I know it's not easy but we do whatever we can to give them a comfortable life and keep them with us. Hugs to you. jonni

  11. Oh, I didn't even know that doggies could get dementia! How sad. Such cuties both of them. It stinks to get old, no matter what species you are, I guess!

  12. Our pets are part of our family. It is sad to see any one of them failing in their health even through aging. They are just like humans and they suffer the same issues of life.

  13. Oh, you are such a good mom to your dogs, Linda! I know it's hard to see them get older and suffer through so much. The information you're sharing will be so helpful to others. I had no idea that you could do an IV at home with your pets and certainly didn't know about dementia. Something to keep an eye out for.
    I hope to talk to you early in the week if it works for you, sweet friend. Take good care. Lots of love to you. xoxo

  14. Sorry to hear about your pets. Yes they are a big party of a family. My German Shepherd is on her last leg too! So sad, however she is not in pain so that is very important.

  15. Sasha and Lacy are lucky to have you and your hubby to care for them so lovingly. Our pets DO become our family and it is heartbreaking to see them failing.

  16. I agree, your dogs are so blessed to have you caring for them. Those little balls of fur are definitely family and it is so hard when they are hurting.

  17. I agree, your dogs are so blessed to have you caring for them. Those little balls of fur are definitely family and it is so hard when they are hurting.

  18. Linda, I am so sorry for the health problems your little ones are having. It is so hard when our beloved pets start failing. As long as you can keep them out of pain and happy that is what you have to do. As you know we lost our beautiful Buddy after 13 years and now our little cat, Maggie, has gone blind and seems to have a touch of dementia as well. I fear that we will have to be making another hard decision shortly..Take care..Judy


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