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Our Yard 2015

We have been busy working in the yard, so I haven't had a chance to do any posts.  I am tired and my hands are sore...  The walkway to the garden took longer than expected, because my husband stained the pavers and then had to put them back into place with decomposed granite.
Starting from the right side of our house, from the redwood gate, here is a picture of a different walkway.  Flagstone pavers were used here. My husband built the redwood gate.

 The deck to the right is  where our study is located.

We have french doors leading to this deck, off our study.

The next picture is the view from our family room.  We added a waterfall on the hillside.
You see it from the flagstone  walkway, if you continue the tour.

Continue to walk around the corner, you will be at the patio off our dining room.

 Here is a night time shot I recently took of the waterfall.

We used to have three tiers of planters, however since we expanded our kitchen, we decided to enlarge the patio off the dining room.  This is how it looks today.
We managed to save a maple tree that was by the kitchen window and koi pond.  We had to move it, due to the expansion of the kitchen.  We are elated the tree survived.

I spray painted the large urns with rust  paint for some pops of color.  We added red mulch to the beds.

This is a shot of  the expanded kitchen and koi pond.  The tree used to be in that corner.

 The kitchen window is where the posts are and the arch on the left of the picture.
Every year, we have birds that  make their nest in the sun's mouth.  They are there now.

This is the walkway coming out of where the tiered walls are.  It leads to the screened in pavilion.
My husband is getting ready to stain these pavers to match the new path to the garden.
He is digging out the old DG first, then he will stain and add more decomposed granite.

This is the new garden path.  All nicely stained and put in place.

Our little veggie garden is looking great!  The newest addition is the copper lights on top of the arbor.
Of course, my handy dandy hubby put them in place.

Well, I will continue this tour in another post.  Happy Monday!
Mother's Day, my husband and I took my Mom out for brunch.
An update on Sasha, she has fully recovered.  She is back to usual self. 

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  1. Your yard is so beautiful. There are so many things that I love. The stained pavers, the redwood gate, the waterfall and so much more. You and your husband have done a fabulous job... :)

  2. Wow, your yard is absolutely stunning! I'm sure it was a lot of work but totally worth it. Enjoy! jonni

  3. Very lovely environment, well done!

  4. Gorgeous! I can understand the sore muscles and hands...we have been working in the yard the past two weekends.

  5. Linda, your yard is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Absolutely stunning outdoor space, I could spend hours out there. You two did a beautiful job!

  7. Also, I am so glad to hear Sasha is doing much better!

  8. Wow Linda your outdoor is beautiful good job I love your water fall
    Happy Mothers Day

  9. Oh my goodness.....absolutely beautiful!! Loved it all! Thanks for sharing!

  10. It looks wonderful. And you did a lot of work. Beautiful job with love Janice

  11. Linda, your home and yard are just lovely. Those flagstone walkways are always a favorite of mine. And the other features are lovely as well.

  12. Linda, I would NEVER leave home if I lived in such a paradise!! Your hubby is very talented & I know you appreciate him so much. Give him lots of hugs & kisses! (I miss my sweethearts hugs the most)

    Love those lanterns!!

  13. Everything looks wonderful! The new walkway turned out great. I know how hard it is to put in those stones since we've done this before so I sympathize with you on the labor intensive nature of doing this kind of work. I like the way you did the planter wall with the all the pottery. The new urn color look great and I like those lanterns on the shepards hook. I just bought a pair to do the same thing after being inspired by seeing these in your pictures. I love the arbor to the vege garden and the new lights are cute! You have so many nice areas to sit and relax. I'd be having my coffee listening to the waterfall each morning!

  14. AnonymousMay 12, 2015

    Oh, my Linda! This is just gorgeous! Love the pretty walkway and the way you have the two tiers and the retaining walls! Everything looks so wonderful. I'm sure you really enjoy your place. I know I love it!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. Hi Linda, Love your gorgeous yard and every detail from the walkway to the veggie garden. I know a lot of work goes into creating and maintaining such beauty. What a blessing to enjoy and inspiration to see in your wonderful pics.
    Have a great week sweet friend.

  16. Oh Linda what a beautiful space!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  17. Dearest Linda, you have quite the property that would make gardening and partying SO MUCH FUN! But yes, the hands suffer and so does the back! But, at the end of the day, look as what you've got! We are hoping that after our quick getaway after school is over that we can hire someone to put new cement on our front stoop and then get some pavers started. OH THE FUN! Anita

  18. Hello greetings and good wishes.

    You have a fabulous yard very beautifully maintained.

    Best wishes

  19. Good Morning Linda, My word, your garden is beautiful. I adore gardening and I always enjoy taking a peek at a friends gardens.
    The waterfall is beautiful and I love how during the evening it is transformed into a magical scene.
    I haved pinned your side entrance photograph because I love it... I think that you can guess that I love your garden.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Best wishes

  20. Linda, your gardens and grounds are simply gorgeous. You live in a small slice of paradise and I know that MUCH work goes into all this. Thanks for sharing it all with us. It just makes me sigh. So beautiful. XO

  21. Your landscape is beautiful with a capital B. It looks like paradise to me:)

  22. You have such a beautiful home and yard. I absolutely LOVE that waterfall!!!

  23. Everything looks so beautiful, Linda. All the pops of colour make it so interesting and I would love to stroll your property with a glass of wine and take it all in. I love that the birds build a nest in the sun. I have my robins back again this year and these ones are very aggressive, lol.
    Lots of work for you but it will keep you out of trouble! Seriously, your gardens are extraordinary and your labours of love have produced something very special.
    So glad to hear Sasha is back to feeling herself - yay! Talk soon, Wonder Woman. Lots of love and hugs to you. xoox

  24. You've created a small paradise for you and your lovely handy Prince.
    It's wonderful and inspiring to watch.
    I want to grow up and be like you ahahahah
    Thank you for sharing,

  25. Oh my goodness! Your yard is gorgeous! If I had that yard I would never leave my house! You guys did a beautiful job, so I guess all that hard work was worth it. :D

  26. Linda, I die for your yard, it just screams hosting to me, I can't lie I am a bit jealous hehe.
    Enjoy your gorgeous space.

  27. Linda, Your garden is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for the tour. I know you enjoy sitting outside and relaxing there. :)


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