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Glam Skullduggery

My husband and I first saw these black with gold skull plates at Zgallerie.  They have been on sale for awhile, so I thought they would look great with the gold goblets we bought.
I love black and gold together.  I guess this table connects visually with Jacqueline's Purple Chocolat Pirate Poison table.
She  is using the black and silver skull plates with her design

The table starts with this beautiful tablecloth from My Chair Covers.
I layered it with our gold glitzy placemats.

Gold flatware from Horchow. The golden goblets are Zgallerie.  We bought them months ago when they were on sale.

I used black chargers with the golden plates I also found at Zgallerie on clearance.
Then I added a black plate, another gold plate from Home Goods and then topped it off with the gold skull plates.

The centerpiece is a cake plate from Home Goods, topped off with a large skull from Ross.
The skull lights up.

The little skeletons are from the dollar store.  I spray painted gold.

There you have it.  A creepy but elegant skull table with golden highlights.

I did this table earlier....Just trying to find some energy to post it.  I am recovering from pneumonia.
Stay healthy and have a fab weekend. The butternut squash soup will have to wait until next week.

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  1. Hello from Spain: fabulous table. The crockery is very original. Keep in touch

  2. Oh Linda, I hope you're feeling better from the pneumonia. You poor baby!! In spite of all that, you sure managed to put together one glamorous Halloween table. The skull from Ross makes a great centerpiece. I especially love the candleholders on either side of the skull. Get well soon! xo

  3. Yowza! Only the most elegant ghouls will attend that dinner party! I hope you feel better soon. Pneumonia is nasty.

  4. Linda, Sorry you are recovering from pneumonia. That is awful stuff. I had trouble with walking pneumonia. Can't image the real thing.

    I love your glam style. You can repurpose this tablescape easily after Halloween. Hurry and get well.

  5. Oh my pretty Linda, you've been sick with pneumonia; how worried you guys must've been!!! I'm so happy you are in the mend, my friend.
    Your table is scary but yet soo elegant, I'd love to dine in such an awesome table, specially on the skull plates, hehehe..
    I guess you can just take away the skull plates and you're glam scape is ready for a great evening!

  6. Wow....this is amazing! I wanna come over!! :)


  7. Hi Linda, Your table is so special. Can't wait to see the menu. . .spooky? Sorry you are feeling ill. Get a natural product to boost your immune system to help you to recover and stay well.

  8. Absolutely stunning! I love black and gold together and you've done a beautiful job with your decor. I think that perhaps we might be sisters from another Mister as I love, love tableware, crystal and stemware, etc. :)

    So very sorry you've been sick! I hope that you're resting and taking good care. My son and I both have a tendency for upper respiratory problems & pneumonia. Will keep you in my prayers!


  9. Such elegance!!! I am always amazed at how lovely everything you do is!!! Now if you can just get to feeling HALF as wonderful as your blog pictures - you will be in good shape! Saying a prayer for you, my dear.....

  10. Linda, I hope that you heal quickly! Pneumonia is not good. I will keep you in my prayers. I like what you have done here! :)

  11. So sorry to hear you have pneumonia too! Definitely you are in my thoughts and prayers!
    This table is so glamorously creepy! See, I told you that we are kindred spirits - I love this table and love the gold version too. Everything you bought from ZGallerie are things I have drooled over there. They have such nice things, but it is sure nice to get theirs at a discount. Gold and skulls are perfect together. I love your little guys on the napkins - love a little paint! The chairs are absolutely fabulous too! A little glitz and glam for the pirate in us all!

  12. Love the table and that skull is freaking me out with that super creepy grin. lol I hope you are feeling better soon. My husband is still recovering from bronchitis. Rest well this weekend. :)

  13. Good morning, Linda!

    I am always late with this email notification; but is there room for me at your table? You are just such a pro at making a table a feast to attend, even before the food. Gorgeous combinations of gold and black and somehow for me, there is such a JOY in the darker side....HAVE A GREAT OCTOBER!

  14. Linda, I'm so sorry to hear you're under the weather...hope you heal quickly & feel better fast. REST!!
    Your table is glorious in all its black & gold the entire scene. I can see it used for an elegant dinner party some other time, too, with just different centerpiece & a switch of the skull plates. I, too, love black & gold (my mater bedroom colors) & you've really done this up nicely. BRAVO!

  15. Hi sweet lady.
    Love the table and that skull is freaking me out with that super creepy grin.I am so sorry you are not feeling good God Bless. I need to call you and tell you about my hubby being in the hospital two times now. hope you are feeling better soon. xxoo

  16. Now I never would have imagined that skulduggery could be glam... but there you are, you've pulled it off.

    Hope you feel better sooner than soon.

    Wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places.....

  17. Hi Linda, you are the master of tablescapes and this one is so fun and yes, full of GLAM.
    Love this for the season. Thanks for sharing.
    I am so sorry you have pneumonia. Sure hope you are feeling better soon. Prayers for you my friend.

  18. that skull is an awesome idea for a centrepiece ... it might seem gruesome, but i like it! :)
    p.s. take care, and hope your recovery goes smoothly and quickly.

  19. Pneumonia? Ugh! I'm so sorry. I hope you are feeling 100% in no time. I know it's no fun to be sick at all, and the pain of pneumonia is awful.

    Holy moly, Angeline Jolie!!!! This is a beautifully 'scaped table, Linda! It's a nice balance of spooky and spectacular. I love all the Z Gallerie pieces! I have long admired both the gold "bumpy" plates and those goblets there.

    So, so pretty! You really did a great job! Feel better!!!

  20. Hi Linda, Love this, you should write a book about decorating and tablescapes. You are so creative. Hope you feel better soon.

  21. Wow, very glam indeed!! I hope that you are better soon, take care of yourself. xx

  22. Linda, so glamorous and ghoulish at the same time. Love that black tablecloth. Hope you are feeling better. Take care..Judy

  23. I hope the skeletons chase your germs away so you can enjoy your glamorous wicked fun table Linda! You have scored some fab stuff from Zgallerie, the gold plates on the bottom of the stack look extra cool! Very elegant and delightful!

  24. I *LOVE* this!!! Good thing we don't live closer because I'm pretty sure I'd be inviting myself over regularly to see what new tablecapes you come up with in person.

    Hope you get well soon. Pneumonia is nothing to mess around with!

  25. First of all I am SO srry you have pneumonia! Joe had it last year and I know it is awful! I will be praying (more) for you!!!! Your table is stunning! I never would have thought that a skull table could be so glamorous but YOU can do it with style!!! Love it!

  26. Good grief pneumonia! So sorry to know you've been ill. I had that once and it takes a while to get over it. Your table is beautiful! Love the gold plates, beautiful goblets, skull dishes and your pretty chair accents! Your skullduggery table is truly elegant and beautiful!

  27. Z Galerie has the most wonderful table top pieces, and you have put your finds to glamorouS use. Thanks so much for your visit which led me to you. I look forward to more.

  28. A spooky elegant table..right out of the Adams Family beautifully creative!...Hope you are well on your way to recovery!...take care of yourself!!!

  29. Oh Linda, your decorating is exquisite. We just moved into our new home, and I'm going to need lots of inspiration with my holiday decor this year. These black and gold skull plates are delightful, and I love ZGallery - me and Jess often go in there when we're shopping. I've seen the cake centerpiece from Home Goods too. And Ross - you have all my favorite shops on here. That spider candle is something else. The napkins under the plates look ghostly too. This centerpiece was created with such imagination. You're so creative, Linda. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us.

    Happy Autumn days.


  30. oh, and I hope you get well from your pneumonia.

    Take care, sweet friend.


  31. Oh my goodness, Linda, what a stunning Halloween table! Your tablescape is so elegant! I love the golden flatware and goblets! What a clever idea to spray paint the skulls! Do take care and feel better soon!

  32. Oh, such a spooky, ghoulish table, Linda - love it! The colours are perfect and the skulls and spiders would have me sitting on the edge of my seat with nervous excitement. How fun for Halloween!
    I hope you are feeling better by now, my friend. We had Thanksgiving this past weekend so I am just getting here now. Hugs and love. If you get a chance, drop me an email when you are feeling well enough for some chat and laughter. xo

  33. LInda, hoping you are feeling better! Your halloween table is fabulous and I hope you're able to enjoy a wonderful and fun dinner there!

    xo Mary Jo

  34. Love the elegant table with the gold touches. Bet those skeletons died trying to get the gold!
    LOL Feel better.

  35. SPOOKtacular elegance:)
    It looks so Versace. I adore the setting. xo


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