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What I have been up to...

I am missing in action around blog land. I am going in so many directions.  An update is, my son and his girlfriend went camping and then found themselves broke down in Nevada.
We live in Northern Ca.  His fuel pump went out.
He managed to call me, but I wasn't home and when I left the house, I forgot my cell phone.
He called twice and I missed his calls.  There was no way to return his call, when I returned home and heard his message.  He was having his truck towed to our house. I was concerned about not being home that evening, because we were invited to dinner by some neighbors
Thankfully, my son  called us again before we left for dinner.
Being a mother, I was worried about not connecting with him.  All went well.  We went to dinner and when we returned home, they were  at our home.
So, next, we were on a mission to find a fuel pump.  After expensive bids. around $1,000 for the part and labor, my husband turned to Amazon and  found one for $79.00 on Amazon Prime with a 2 day
delivery and free shipping. Amazon Prime is so worth it.
My son looked online on to see videos on installing a fuel pump for his truck. Imagine, he found a video explaining how simple it is to install a fuel pump in a truck.   My son did it himself and saved himself $$$'s.
I tell you, you can find anything online.  Happy campers were on their way home.

I was asked my a friend to bake a cake for her husband's 65th birthday.  Mind you, I am not a cake decorator.  I would like to be, however I am a newbie.....LOL
Through all of this fuel pump dilemma, I had to bake a cake and decorate it. Her husband is a cyclist, so I found a cute red bike cake topper online.


  His bike is red, by the way. I bought the 6 and 5 candles in red.
Fondant trial and error was on the menu.....Have you ever worked with fondant?
I need some darn lessons....ha ha.
I was not happy with the darn cake, however my friends were elated.  I also happened to remember his favorite cake is carrot cake.  You can see the m&m's I used were moving around.
How cute the cake matched his shirt.

Another thing I am working on, besides blog designs, is designing a wedding invitation for one of our fellow bloggers, BettyMarie.
Her daughter is getting married in September and they are having a Hawaiian garden wedding.

I snapped this photo the other night.  Just sharing a beautiful sunset.

We recently bought some beautiful gold goblets to set a lovely table......I hope to get back on track with a tablescape.  Happy 4th to everyone.  Beautiful fireworks to enjoy.  They were from last year's New year.

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  1. WOW, what a story and no wonder you are missing! I LOVE the cake and thankful your son is ok. Not surprised you found it online, damn you are soooo good about the online stuff. Youre amazing! Now Paul too! Take care and glad you are doing well. Hugs~

  2. You have been one very busy lady! Glad all turned out well for your son. The cake looks amazing. Happy 4th!!

  3. Fantastic about the pump..and from what i can see the cake is great!

  4. Pretty much all good things except the towing situation but it all worked out in the end! I think your cake looks great! I would love to see the invite you design, Linda. I am sure it will be perfect. xo

  5. Life's always an adventure, isn't it Linda?

  6. I was wondering where my friend had been. I too am taking a little break this week. I need it too!!!! xo

  7. Wishing you a very happy 4th of July! Those golden goblets sound wonderful.

  8. Well I'm glad things worked out for your son. Good thing he's handy and willing to do the work. I guess you have been a busy one with blog designing and the invitations! The birthday cake came out cute! Cake decorating takes time and finesse- something I'm short on! You have a great 4th yourself. XO, Liz

  9. Good morning Linda! I bet you must have been worried sick about him breaking down! Thank goodness you were able to connect! I wish you a happy weekend, and relax!! Anita

  10. It seems all' swell that ends well, Linda! Your cake looks beautiful and I'm sure your friend appreciated it, especially being his favorite carrot cake. Happy 4th to you and your family.
    p.s. I stopped receiving your posts emailed to me again, along with many others :-(

  11. When I read your title - in facebook, in my blog thumb, and in the email (I covered all basis in order to not miss a thing of what you're up to ahahahh) - it came to my mind "to no good, that's for sure" in a way that I imagined you were so busy without time to come up for air.
    You're right about finding every and anything in the internet. Dear Husband built our concrete stairs leading to the attic by learning how-tos in there (of course he has notions of construction) but the "Hey, I can do that!" came when he searched and found videos step-by-step in the internet. Besides cutting the $$$ it's an amazing story to share with friends :)
    The Cake looks lovely. And the lucky guy looks like five again and his best friend made the most amazing cake. You're all so fortunate for having lovely and lovable friends.
    Wishing you a Happy and Safe 4th,

  12. Hi Linda, So glad all turned out okay in the end for your son. The cake looks fabulous. Love the red, white and blue. For some reason I am not getting your posts in my inbox. Still some glitching going on in blogland.
    Wishing you and your family a Happy 4th of July!!

  13. Hiya Wonder Woman,
    I'm glad it all worked out in the end. We often wonder what we would do without cellphones but we'd do just what we did before we had them, lol. Glad it all worked out with your son and you had a good visit.
    I love the cake - it looks great and your friend sure looks happy!
    Have a wonderful 4th, my sweet friend and I'll talk to you next week. Hugs and love, xoox

  14. The cake looks beautiful! If we were closer, we could take a cake decorating class together. :) So happy your son was able to get the car to your home and then found such a quick solution without spending hundreds. I've missed visiting ~

    Have a very happy and safe 4th!


  15. AnonymousJuly 07, 2014

    The cake looks great, Linda! I so agree about Amazon Prime; worth every dime.

  16. What a shame that your son & his girlfriend were stuck out there for all that time! How frustrating that must have been! I'm glad your husband was able to find the part at a discount and that your son was able to install the fuel pump himself. The labor on that would've cost and arm & a leg!!! My sister is good at that kind of stuff. Me? I ALWAYS have to call "the guy" to do the work! (Ramon THINKS he can work on cars, but he's not really all that skilled at it! He is VERY good, however, at finding deals online, so he's not totally useless like me!)

    I have never worked with fondant, and I hope I never have to try! It is a mystery to me. I have watched a couple of girlfriends whip it around like 2nd nature, but I don't have that gene. I'm impressed that you ventured out there and gave it a try. It just takes practice, practice, practice, I guess. I think you did well for your first time out.

    You've been super busy! Hang in there!!

  17. Love the sunset shot. Gorgeous.
    What an awesome cake. you can make a cake for me anytime


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