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Spring at Last!

Our glorious Wisteria

This is the view we see from our front porch.

Gotta love that Japanese Maple.....

Our boxwood hedge.
Lady Banks roses coming in.  I love these!

Rosemary galore....

Down by our pool, along the path to the sand volleyball court.

 On a different note *
Last night I  served  Corned Beef and cabbage with all the fixings.
I made this chocolate mousse with green whipped cream

Along with some Irish Soda bread.
The recipe is from Ina  Garten

Happy Spring!

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  1. Your yard is wonderful with everything in bloom and greening up! Your meal looks great, too. I fixed the corned beef and cabbage with red potatoes, as well. I wish I had done the soda bread and chocolate mouse. It looks so good!

  2. Your yard is gorgeous, and, even though I'm part Irish, I have never had Corn Beef & Cabbage. I more celebrate the German in me with Brats & Sauerkraut! Your meal sounds delicious!

  3. The wisteria is so pretty. Lovely photos. Enjoy your week!

  4. Oh your view is fabulous! I don't think I've ever seen a picture that quite depicted the beauty of the landscape beyond your home. The boxwoods look fabulous and that wisteria is out of this world beautiful! Those lady banks roses always look fabulous- can't wait to see more pictures of them. The Irish Soda bread looks so good as does that lovely dessert! I've got at least a month to go before I'll see life emerging in my yard! Happy Spring!

  5. What gorgeous views..
    Healing views...
    You deserve them..
    I look forward to color here again...

  6. Wow Linda, that view would certainly brighten your day! All of this is so beautiful...I love the roses!

  7. My gosh, Linda. That is one of the prettiest outdoor yards I have seen on any blog anywhere. It is just gorgeous! We can't grow wisteria here so I am jealous of that. About the closest we get color wise is with lilacs-which are my favorites. Beautiful post---please send me some Spring this way, will you? xo Diana

  8. LINDA! I never got notification of your new post, which usually comes via my email....but it's only Wednesday morning, so maybe it's just slow in coming!

    GOOD GLORY, your photos are making me happy, because we just got MORE snow in last night, after a promising melt last week! I love your boxwood hedges, for we have many on our property, and they are of the green velvet sort, being able to withstand our -40 weather. Your rosemary, OH DEAR....you live in a paradise! I do hope you are getting rain, however?

    Lovely St. Patrick's Day feast my friend. And thank you kindly for coming to visit! That owl is cool, isn't it?

    Love, Anita

  9. Oh my oh my............that wisteria is gorgeous!!!!

  10. Linda, you have such gorgeous landscaping and incredible wisteria....but, it's not all as beautiful as you! Hope you are doing as great as you look in your profile pic!

  11. Hi Linda, your gardens are gorgeous and what a view. The prettiest spot ever. Your blooms are stunning. How special to walk out and enjoy such beauty. Your St. Patrick's day dinner sounds so delicious. I made the same and it was yummy. Your dessert looks so good!!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  12. Ok, that seals it - I'm coming for a visit and I may never leave! lol. Your property is stunning, Linda and the wisteria is so beautiful with all it's blooms. I love the boxwood hedge and all the different shapes and textures in your gardens - it makes it all so interesting and makes me want to touch it all!
    Dinner sounds delicious, too! I've never made Irish Soda Bread but I'm thinking I should give it a try.
    All your photos look fabulous, my friend. Love you lots, Linda. xoxo

  13. Wow! You really have a green thumb! LOVE your garden and what a view! Your rosemary is amazing. I have a large one in a pot and was totally surprised to see that it survived the 6 degree temps we had. I transplanted it to the garden, last week. Hope it doesn't die from the shock. :)

  14. Oh my goodness, Linda...that wisteria just takes my breath away! You are so blessed to live in such a beautiful area. We still have SNOW on the ground. *sigh* Everyone is soooo tired of it.
    I'm glad you were able to enjoy St. Pat's Day & my Mom would have loved your green whipped cream. She did stuff like that every March 17th. LOL Nothing was safe...eggs, pudding, whipped cream...you name it, she would tint it green.
    Thanks for sharing your paradise!
    Warm hugs,

  15. Linda! You have all of my favorite plants here! Your wisteria is gorgeous:) Ours is still waiting for some warm sunlight and our Japanese Maple are starting to bud. Gorgeous landscape! I hope you are enjoying your week:) xxleslie

  16. Are you kidding me??!??!!! Your outdoors looks like this ALREADY?!??!?! We are still brown and crunchy and gross here in the Midwest. There are barely glints of green showing through the sea of sandy brown ground. Wow...you are so lucky to have the beauty of Spring make such an early appearance! Your wisteria is glorious indeed!!!!

  17. Linda, it's like we live in different worlds. There is very little green here, so I will live vicariously through you! My neighbor had wisteria growing on her fence when I first moved into my house 20 years ago, but it has only bloomed once. We are zone 5, and I don't think it likes our winters. Thank you for sharing your paradise!

  18. That is Rosemary?! Wow. I have never seen anything like that before. I'm proud of my little Rosemary if it makes a foot in height. ☺ We don't grow wisteria here either, but it sure is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing the beautiful landscaping at your home. It must bring you such joy!

  19. What a beautiful garden you have to enjoy. Love all the landscaping and your lovely wisteria and rosemary!

  20. You live in Eden! And here I was thinking - until today - that you were in California ;) ahahahah
    That outside view is awesome. You have extraordinary good taste in your choices - both in and outdoor - and then you develop accordingly. It's so inspiring. Enjoy!
    Funny how I'd just finished reading to HOUZZ their article: "Nature’s Color Wisdom: Lessons on Lavender From the Great Outdoors
    Pluck some lavender hues for the home and watch tranquility — and maybe even a little magic" and they haven't even been here... talk about Magic Beauty.

    Thank you for sharing,

  21. Wow, Linda, this is gorgeous! I could stare at those views forever! I can't wait to get out and refresh the pots and gardens. Just need to make sure we are past the last threat of a hard freeze...which I think we probably are. You have inspired me!

  22. Wow! That is gorgeous! The wisteria is glorious and everything looks so green and lush. I used to think rosemary looked like lavender! So many beautiful colors! Enjoy your week! Happy Spring!

  23. Spring is beautiful at your home. I love it!

  24. Your view is stunning! Love your Wisteria, just beautiful. Can't wait for Spring to get to Michigan!!

  25. I'm so envious of your surroundings, Linda. Simply stunning! After having returned from Cali recently, I know how wonderful it is out there! You're a great cook! Love your Irish fixin's. Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  26. I love that Wisteria. Purple is my favorite color.

  27. HOLY COW what a gorgeous view off your porch. Wow. That wisteria is beautiful.

  28. OMG!Everything is great here.


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