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News~ Domain for $1.17 for 1 year

Calling all bloggers who are using blogspot as their domain name. You can NOW get your own domain name, if it is available
for only $1.17 for 1 whole year. That's a bargain! I can walk you through the process.
Wouldn't it be better to have your chosen name at .com or,net, etc.
GoDaddy is offering this fabulous deal right now.

You DON'T lose anything! Your blog is the same and automatically re-directs to your new name.
Nothing is changed except, you have your own name and not blogspot at the end.
It's a great time to make the switch. Pay only $1.17 and you choose the domain name you want.

Visit their website through my link and you should see the .99 cents special. They charge an additional 18 cents for the CANN fees, so your total for
1 whole year is $1.17.   While you are there, type in a domain you want to see if it available.
I am not making any money off this offer.

I changed mine years ago.  Your blog will look more professional.
What are you waiting for.....go for it now!  I paid more when I got my
 I just thought I would share this great bargain.

 The latest news, I have been busying designing blogs again.
Liz, from Infuse With Liz    blogger friend of mine told me about Ramon, a blogger, who is new and possibly needed a makeover.   You can see his design below.  Thank you Liz.
 Liz has a new spring look to her blog, so go over and visit.

 Ramon is a fairly new blogger, so go on over and say hi. I talked him into getting his own domain name as well.  He used to be  Doesn't sound and look better?

I also gave Betty a new look!  She is over at Betty Marie's
Betty wanted a subtle look for Spring.
Sharing a great bargain.  Enjoy and I hope some of you use this opportunity to get rid of blogspot as your name.....

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  1. Linda, thank you so much for the shout out and for making my blog what it is today, you have been so helpful and easy to work with, thank you Liz for hooking us up.

  2. That would be really cool Linda. Except that my name is already used in all kind of ways...LOL. I've tried websites, My Etsy but I have to change the spelling and was getting everyone confused...LOL. And this is such a great price for a yr.
    I would like you to pop on over and celebrate Mardi Gras with us. It will be fun.
    Happy Mardi Gras,
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

  3. Hi Linda! You're so talented and I've already noticed Liz's beautiful header. Thank you for the tip about getting our own name. I'm going over and see if I can own mine!
    Thank you so much and I hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Thanks Linda! Is it just for one year or forever?

  5. Both Betty and Ramon's new look are great! You've been a busy lady! I've got my .com through my google/blogger account so I'm all set. It's so nice of you to put all these helpful tips out there!

    1. Liz, How did you purchase through google? I was wondering whether it mattered who you purchase from - as far as who sees your site? Thx! Jina

  6. You are so busy, Linda! I love the new designs and I sure wish I could have got in on that bargain price! lol. It is so nice that you are sharing so much helpful information with bloggers - it really makes a difference.
    xoox Love you. Talk soon, I hope.

  7. Betty and Ramon's blogs look wonderful, Linda. I love the idea of having a domain name. Thank you for all your tips. You're the best! xo

  8. Wow! That's better than the dollar store.

  9. HI Linda! Thank you again for all you've done to help me. I'm so glad you're liking my silly little cows! :) Be blessed, my friend and you are the sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Good morning beautiful Linda!

    I am still unsure about what it means or rather, what the advantages are of having your own domain?

    I must dash off to work, but I am going to look into this further. Have a great day! Anita

  11. Thanks so much for getting me set up! I feel a little more secure now - no one could steal my name.

  12. Hello, I was introduced to your blog through Robyn at I am just learning about blogging and I've been so confused! I bought my domain name at GoDaddy but I don't think it's activated yet. What is the next step, buying a blog host? Please help me.......I'm lost!

  13. Wow, even *I* could afford $1.17! lol I did think about getting my own domain once upon a time, but never made the move.

    Is it $1.17 annually for life, or only for the first year and the cost goes up the next year?

  14. Hi Linda! I found you through Celeste, who you just helped with her own domain. But it looks like there's many of us out here who are a bit "computer challenged" and don't understand what purchasing our own domain actually means, how difficult the switch over would be, what happens to our blogspot followers and linky parties, and if the $1.17 is just for a year or forever? I am interested in learning more, and would appreciate any help you could give me! Thanks, Linda!!

    xoxo laurie

  15. Thanks for sharing this info.


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