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Color Galore!

Sharing beautiful photos of our gardens.  Wisteria does bloom about three times during the summer.
  The wisteria is so beautiful.  It's purple paradise around here.
After working in the yard half of a day, I thought I would walk around our property and snap a few more pictures.

These pictures are from the back of the house.  The wisteria area is a beautiful setting where we have dinner parties outside.  We have a very large copper round table and a buffet island my husband built.

This is the view in the back of the house.  We have 26 acres, so we really have privacy and great views around.
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Lady Bank roses and vinca to the right.
 We have many rock croppings on our property and plenty of trees.

The path leads to the screened in pavilion, which my husband built.  It is his little getaway.
He keeps talking about having poker parties out there.

A beautiful blooming rose.

Miner's lettuce, which is edible.  We have quite a bit growing around our property.
Lots of salad.....Miner's lettuce is pleasingly crunchy, mild-tasting, has large leaves and remains tender even when in flower. It is  loaded with vitamins  and it will cure scurvy.
Off the back of the house in the other direction. My husband planted the deodora's years ago.  Such a graceful and beautiful tree.

For our wedding anniversary we went out to dinner with friends and enjoyed Italian food.
My husband and I bought two swivel rocker patio chairs.  We get to sit outside and enjoy our surrounding.
I think that's plenty of pictures to share for now.  We live in a heavenly area.....Enjoy your week!

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  1. You do live in a heavenly area! So wonderful to be surrounded by nature!

  2. Linda, you live in a beautiful area...and I would sit outside to enjoy it every chance I got. Your wisteria is gorgeous. I would love to see your copper table in one of your posts.
    Have a great week.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I'm still looking at white outside, so this is a sight for sore eyes!

  4. That is an absolute paradise, Linda. It is gorgeous and the views are incredible. Your hubby has done a great job with his building projects. I would LOVE to see the copper table- I hope it has aged beautifully. We had a copper-topped bar in one of our houses and I always loved it-despite the upkeep.
    Thanks for sharing your little bit of Heaven On Earth here- so Diana

  5. Such beauty!! I had no idea you had such a spacious plot of lovely and peaceful. I have a dear friend that used to live in the same apt complex that my daughter and I were in. She and my daughter were next door to each other. It was a new complex and they planted wisteria on the back fence. :) Just gorgeous after it grew ~


  6. So much beauty! You do have a wonderful piece of property there. I'd find places to go and set just to have lunch and stare at it. That wisteria is marvelous. I'd like to live in northern California near the redwoods. Now that Ryan's in Oregon I would love to fulfill a dream I've had for living in CA for a long time!

  7. Very, very pretty grounds you have there. The wisteria is amazing. I sure hope that your husband makes his plans for a party out there. that sounds like something he would really enjoy...then you can have a tea party...

  8. Linda,
    You have such a beautiful piece of property. Those deodar cedars caught my eye. one of my favorite trees.. I have one that I grew from seed..and another huge one.. My favorite picture is of the fence with lady banks roses...such a pretty path..
    Love, Mona

  9. So beautiful, I love Wisteria! Seeing your beautiful flowers make me anxious for our flower gardens to bloom!

  10. Hi Linda! Oh, my goodness, your property is just so beautiful! I love your gorgeous wisteria and you have so much of it. What a retreat you have! So pretty.
    Be a sweetie,

  11. You live in a beautiful world!!! oved every single picture!!

  12. Your slice of heaven is the perfect place to enjoy your hubby and those new swivel rocker patio chairs! Happy Anniversary ;o)

  13. Linda- I love your property. The wisteria is gorg. When I lived in Atlanta, my home was situated on a hill covered in wisteria; hence, the acorn at wisteria hill. xo

  14. Oh my goodness, Linda...your property is so pretty! All the green and all the colorful flowers are just beautiful. I look out my window and see brown grass, snow piles still on the ground that have turned a bit grey, leafless trees...all under grey skies. And it's only 28° outside!! I'm coming to visit you!!! ♥

  15. We have single digit temps again today, so the virtual trip through your garden was just what I needed! Thanks for the tour. <3

  16. Good morning! What a beautiful garden my dear. You are making me want to live in calif. Again!

  17. What a treat to be shown round your beautiful garden, Linda. Absolutely beautiful. From the first glimpse of the Wisteria I just knew you had something really special for us.

  18. Your gardens and landscape are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing some gardening inspiration!

  19. Hi Linda, your property is gorgeous and what an amazing place to host a dinner party. The landscaping is beautiful. Thanks for sharing and the inspiration.

  20. Linda, your property and gardens look gorgeous! What a fabulous place to live!

  21. I'm sure it's so nice to be able to enjoy long walks through your property, Linda. The wisteria is perfect! It's like a lil wonderland everywhere you look. So glad you're enjoying your spring, Wonder Woman. I'm thinking our warm weather will arrive in August! lol. Talk to you soon. xoxo

  22. Your yard looks like paradise!!!! I feel lucky that we are in Fl. now even though it is cold here today I will take it!!!

  23. Happy Annoversary to you and your sweetie, Linda! Thank you for sharing your beautiful views with us. I know you feel blessed. xo

  24. I am in love with the wisteria. xo

  25. Linda, this is like a dream....beautiful and all the privacy is heavenly! xoxoxo

  26. So beautiful! Every summer, my town has a garden tour of various gardens throughout the community. Yours would be a perfect candidate for it. Too bad you don't live closer, so that you could participate! Thank you for sharing on your blog though.

  27. Wow, your yard is just beautiful! I love your gorgeous wisteria, and I am drooling over all of that lavender! I can almost smell it from here:) That is wonderful you have so much property, I would love that kind of privacy. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and your nice comments on my bookends!

  28. 26 acres of beauty. Can you say jealous? Love your pictures of your property.
    Thanks for sharing


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