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A Must! Search Button

I think every blog SHOULD have a search button, along with labels from your post.  If a reader visits your blog and is looking for something in particular, and they cannot find it easily, they will get frustrated and leave.  They don't want to spend a lot of time clicking categories.  Adding a search button will be so helpful and make your readers very happy.  Adding labels to each post will work in conjunction with the search bar.
 The labels helps the search button.  Write a few key words when adding labels....Not tons of words!
For example:  You baked an apple pie.  Use apple pie recipe...or easy apple pie.

Also, selecting your post titles is important!  Search engines see titles as an indication of what each page is about, so adding some keywords is very helpful.

I myself have gotten frustrated visiting many blogs, knowing I couldn't find a recipe or project.

Blogger has made it easy to add a search button to your blog.  many Blogger templates do not have search buttons.

           Instructions for Blogger:

1. Log into your Blogger.com account.
2. Click the Layout tab from your blog Dashboard.
3. Click Page Elements.
4. Click Add a Gadget above the section you want to put your search box in.
5. Click Search Box.
6. Type Search this site (or whatever you want) in the Title box or leave it blank.

7. Click save

8. Click Preview

9.  Now, drag this search button gadget to wherever you want it on your blog.

10.  Click save arrangement, when you have it where you want it.

If the above Blogger search button quits working, then use this:

 Create a Blogger search widget
Login to your Blogger account and head over to Layout > Page Elements. Click on Add a Gadget at the bottom of the page and select HTML/Javascript.
In the Title field, enter Search or something similar. In Content, paste the following code:
<form action="search" name="input" method="get">
<input value="Search" name="q" size="20" type="text"/>
<input value="Go!" type="submit"/>
Hit Save and position the widget in the desired location.

If you want a fancy search button, here's some. Design3edge designed them and way2blogging converted them.  You will need a wider sidebar for them to look right. These are 305 pixels.

How to Add Beautiful Search Boxes to Blogger

  1. Login to Blogger Dashboard -> Design tab -> Page Elements .
  2. Click on Add a Gadget where you wish to place Search Box.
  3. Choose HTML/JavaScript from the List.
  4. Place any of the colored search codes into the Javascript box and Save the Gadget.
Go to Way2blogging to select the colored search box you like.  Highlight on the search button code box of your choice, click copy and then click paste into your Javascript box. Click save.

Now you have a pretty search button.  I hope this tutorial helps many people adding features that are important.

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    1. I have wanted to put a search box on my blog but didn't have a clue how to do it. Thank you so much for taking the time to put together a post on it.

      Have a lovely weekend. xo

    2. Thanks so much Linda for sharing this information! If it wasn't for people like you who share their knowledge of how to do things in blogosphere I don't know where I'd be. I need to take the time to add all of these important features and stop putting it off.

    3. I agree a search button is necessary and labels! Good tutorial!

    4. Hi lovely lady.
      This is some great inf. If you would like to put on your sidebar you had been Featured do you do it the same way. just asking. xxoo

    5. Another great tip Linda. I now have a search button!

    6. You're the best! Thank you so much for sharing this. Now...how do I do labels? :)


    7. What a great tutorial, Linda. You are so helpful and detailed with your information. xo

    8. Hello dear Linda! I have had my search bar for quite a while and it has not worked!. I also checked on many, mnay other blogs and popular ones at that and theirs did not work. I will look over your directions and see if I have any luck...I can't wait to see and will let you know!

    9. LINDA! Hello, gorgeous! Thank you for coming by! How is that kitchen re-do coming along? I hope your winter isn't as brutal as ours...we are buried in snow and ice, and the winds are striking at us, closing schools. I'd sure love to be sitting in your breakfast room with the French doors wide open to the garden!

      Thank you so much for coming by....Anita

    10. Thank you for posting this, as you know I would have NO clue how to do this. Now, a question: I have realized that noone is getting my e-mail notification when I post. If you can tell me how to fix this I would be happy to pay you. Thanks again, you are the best!!!

    11. I have it on my blog and use it myself at times. I hope your heath is good now Linda. XO

    12. Thank you Linda! Your tute was so helpful and I just added it. On the right of your blog, the 4th box down, you have "Stay connected". Have you done a tute on that yet? I would like to add one to my blog as my widgets are scattered all over the place and I would like to clean up the look and put several of things in one box. xoxo Kristen

    13. Linda, Thanks so much for the tutorial and for adding the search box to my blog. I appreciate your being my Fairy Blog Mother. :)

    14. I love my search button you added and I use it all of the time when I am linking back to other posts! Now I just need to work on filing posts under my categories! Where shall I find the time?

    15. Thank you for sharing this information. As you know, my first search button broke. Now I have the new one you gave the code for. Works like a charm!

    16. I've never really thought about adding a search bar to my blog simply because I can't imagine that too many people come to my blog looking for something specific. I do have to admit that there have been times when I've been looking for a certain post that maybe I wanted to link to in a new post I'm creating and that can be frustrating.

    17. Thanks for sharing that tip. I will have to go add a search box soon. I love your blog with it's little pluses that show up as you move the cursor and you signature line. Jealous


    18. I was reading some of your posts on this internet site and I believe this web site is really instructive! Keep on putting up.


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