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Harvest Hutch

I am sorry I haven't posted in awhile.  We have been so busy with the kitchen,  doctor's appointments and
visiting my Mom.  She had.
  surgery and had to be hospitalized twice.  She is now in a skilled nursing
facility for another week.  After that, she can go home.
I am also feeling under the weather now....Not sure what I have, just not feeling my usual self.

I thought I would share our Baker's rack, all decked out for Fall.
I am keeping the kitchen a secret for most.

 Our waterfall outside the Family room.

The family room, where you will usually find us.

 If you like the pumpkin frame, you can find it at fotor
There all kinds of templates and fun stuff and it's free.

My husband spotted these two roses growing
up in the wisteria.  Pretty amazing!

Here's a look at Debbie's new blog header I designed
from Mountain Breaths 
She wanted more of a Winter look for her blog.

I hope you all are enjoying this Fall and looking forward to
celebrating Thanksgiving.  We have so much to be thankful for.
I am joining the following blogs:

Mary @Boogieboard Cottage

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Hello, welcome to LifeandLinda. I am from Northern California. I enjoy blogging, Designing Blogs, Decorating, cooking, entertaining, gardening and clogging. I hope you enjoy your visit.


  1. Hi Linda! I'm sorry to hear about your little mother and hope she recovers quickly. Take care of yourself, dear one, and please know you're in my prayers. I love your gorgeous baker's rack and how you've dress it. Your new header is pretty too.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. My, you have had a lot to deal with. I hope your mother continues to do well and returns home soon and that you feel better soon. Your baker's rack is beautifully accessorized. I just visited your kitchen update and loved seeing all of these wonderful components that you are pulling together. Will it be ready for Christmas? I'm looking forward to seeing it all!

  3. I am sorry to know your mom had surgery and some problems afterwards. I trust she will be better soon. I hope you feel better quickly. Your harvest hutch looks great! Love the mix of the fall colors with the green dishes. That is pretty how that rose grew up through the arbor. Roses seem to like cooler weather. I know the kitchen is coming along nicely, but the little details seem to drag on. Soon you will be looking back at all of it and be thinking how it was worth any stress it caused.

  4. Love your fall decor, your den is gorgeous. I can watch tv there for hours. Love your header. Sorry you are not feeling up to par, you have had a lot going on. Hope your mom is feeling better.. xo

  5. Hello dear Linda, lovely to hear from you. I always think of you even when you don't post. I know things get in the way but it's always nice to hear from you. Your home looks lovely and hope your holidays are wonderful and everyone is healthy.

  6. Lovely!
    I was going through the pictures and I realised that you surrounded yourself with all elements of Nature: Fire, Air, Water, Earth. Natural or induced by your creations it's there. All around. That's probably why one always feel a welcome when going though your posts and you feel so well and blessed in it. Yes, many to be Thankful, and Hopeful, for.
    Happiest Thanksgiving Linda!

  7. Good morning most beautiful Linda! How gorgeous is your décor! I have a baker's rack too, but it's stacked with copper pots and I have no where to put out any decorations BUT! I have my white pumpkins at the base of my fireplace and on my dining table.

    We are looking forward to the big KITCHEN reveal! And I hope you feel better soon; may your mom recovery quickly!

    So much to be thankful for, indeed. Anita

  8. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Your treatments probably zapped your energy. Best wishes to your mom too. Your decorating looks beautiful and all ready for Thanksgiving. Yes, we have many things to be grateful for.

  9. I am so happy to see you here, Linda., You have sure been through a lot over the last few months. I am praying that you AND your Mom are feeling better-Christmas is coming you know-can't be sick at Christmas time!

    Your baker's rack looks gorgeous and so does your family room...but I REALLY CAN'T WAIT to see your kitchen. Love and prayers from Wisconsin- xo Diana

  10. Your decorating is always gorgeous. Hope you perk up and feel better soon!

  11. Hope your Mother continues to improve. I love your bakers rack and what a beautiful sofa in your family room! Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Beautiful Linda! Best Wishes to your Mother and Good Health!

  13. Linda,
    Your bakers rack is just gorgeous all decked out for Fall. The big plate is so pretty, and I love the design of the bakers rack. Your family room looks so cozy too.

    I didn't know you worked on Debbie's Header. It's lovely and reminds me that Christmas will soon be here.

    So sorry to hear about your mom. It's so hard on everyone when our loved ones are sick.


  14. Linda, so sorry to hear about your mom and that you are feeling under the weather. Hoping and praying all are on the mend soon. Your hutch is beautiful. Thanks for stopping by earlier!!

  15. Oh Linda, I hope you fell better soon and your Mom, too.
    Your baker's rack looks gorgeous all decked out in Fall decor. I love your waterfall view, too
    I did notice Debbie's new header and it is perfect for her! xo

  16. Linda, I hope you and your mom will be feeling better soon. Your hutch is beautiful. Thanks for creating my beautiful header. I probably should have held off since we were having beautiful 60 degree weather until I changed to a snowy header. LOL

  17. NICELY appointed hutch, Linda!!!!!! So glad you are feeling well enough to do some fun things around the house! I'm really excited to see your finished kitchen!

    Hoping your Mom is on the upswing very soon!

  18. I love Debbie's new header. It looks like I am looking out a frosty window. Sorry to hear you are under the weather and your mom too. Hope you start doing better.
    Your hutch is so festive for fall. I know you are so busy with everything so I hope you get some rest.

  19. Oh, I meant to say I had wondered about your couch in the header and it was so fun to see it in the post! I figured you had that gorgeous couch in your house.

  20. Holy Header!! Your new design looks Fabulous with a capital F! And your baker's rack is stunning as well. I am so sorry to hear about your mother, and I do hope you get to feeling back to your old self soon. Prayers to you both. XOXO

  21. Hi Linda! You are so creative! It shows in your blog designs and your beautiful home! So sorry about your Mom! Hope she gets better soon! And I hope you feel better soon, as well! Such a busy time of year and as you said, we do have so much to be thankful for! Have a wonderful holiday season! May God bless you and keep you well! Blessings from Bama!

  22. Hi Linda, You have such an eye for creating beauty all around you. Love your fall displays. Sounds like it been a challenging time and I'm hoping you and your mom are both feeling much better very soon. Happy weekend my friend.
    xx, Heather

  23. Linda~

    You sure have a lot going on...no wonder that you have been scarce. Hoping that here at week's end you are feeling better and that your mom is doing lots better, too.

    Thank you for the tip about fotor...I do like that pumpkin. I also love your Pilgrims! I'll keep looking...I like that they are tall and have presence. Your kitchen is going to be beyond beautiful if your hutch is any indication.

  24. Your fall hutch is really pretty and the view of your awesome looking waterfall.
    That was a cool Foto Collage thanks for sharing that site. I may have to use that in my next blog.
    Now you have two other things on your blog that I want to know about.... as I move the cursor I notice little plus's and your signature.... Care to share how to do that? ;o)

  25. Hi lovely lady.
    Your hutch looks Gorgeous for Thanksgiving ! I will say it one more time you know just how to put it all together. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving at your lovely home. Thanks so much for helping me with my photos God Bless..

  26. I always love stopping by and seeing how you've decorated everything.

    Hope you and your mom are feeling better.

  27. Hi Linda! Ho nice to hear from you. I hope you're feeling better now and your mother is recovering well. I saw your beautiful kitchen on FB and WOW!! I'm so happy for you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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