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Our Kitchen Addition

 We have been busy with the kitchen addition, taking care of our new puppy, Dante and of course me, dealing with my radiation treatments.
The kitchen is at a standstill, until we get the cabinet design worked out.  We are almost there.

I think it is always good to take pictures of the progress.

 The exterior of the window wall and around will be stone to match the dining room to the left. The precast trim will also be added.
We did add two skylights in the new kitchen space.  They will be remote control.
 Here's a picture with the wood hood.  I don't like a metal hood.
With this design, we would be keeping our existing cabinets and just adding to them for the added space.

 This is one design.... of course the colors are all wrong.
The hood is wrong too.
Our sub-zero has panels on it to match the cabinetry. If we go with this design, the dishwashers will also have panels. Having two dishwashers is a must for people who like to entertain.  We also have a dishwasher drawer in the dining room for glasses.  The trash compactor next to the sink is also paneled.
The gas range top will be Wolf. 
He hasn't added the wood valance over the window yet with matching crown molding.
We will also be adding s tile backsplash.
I am still thinking about the copper sink. 

I am waiting to see what the other designer comes up with.
It would be darker cabinets like our dining room below.


He is doing well. He now weighs 1.5 pounds....still tiny.
He will be 8 weeks old tomorrow and it is time for puppy shots.
Remember when he was this small?

My radiation Treatments
Ugh!  I have 7 more here in town....Yea!
Three internal radiation treatments in Sacramento.
They will be high dose...different than the ones I am receiving now.
I can't wait to be done with these. My side effects are controlling my life. Running to the bathroom constantly.
Two of my doctors have given me some meds to try to control the situation and my poor rear end.
I have resorted to sitz baths, diaper rash cream and baby wipes.
Just an insight to what I am going through. 

I thought I would share a picture of me  bald, when I had ovarian cancer the first time. My husband talked me into posing for this picture.
I tell you, hair does make a difference.

I am counting the days.....I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you all for your loving support. 
You have given me a much needed boost!

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  1. Linda, so thankful for the update. I don't know how you do it all!! The kitchen is going to be beautiful, but I know is a lot of work and stressful having to make all those decisions and live amongst the chaos. Dante is so precious!!! So glad to hear he is thriving.

    I continue to pray for you my friend. So much all at one time. I pray they find ways to ease your pain and side effects caused by the radiation.

  2. Hi Linda, oh what a gorgeous kitchen you will have soon!

    Love and prayer to you and you Dante!

    Design Series 2013

  3. I love your new kitchen! I love your house too!

  4. Good Evening Linda, You are such an inspiration to us all, I think of you often and hope you are alright.
    Dante is precious, so very tiny and so very cute....bless him.
    The kitchen is exciting, to be able to plan and have a kitchen exactly to your specifications is wonderful.
    Take care of yourself and best wishes to you,

  5. Hi Linda! Your new kitchen looks great!
    Hope you will be ok soon.
    Praying for you dear!
    Blessings and hugs,

  6. Thanks for the update! So many are thinking about and praying for you! This will all come to pass! In time your kitchen will be done, your sweet baby dog will grow a bit bigger, you will be done with all the treatments and your lovely hair will return! AND there will be many blog posts to come about all that happening! In the mean time - it's good to hear how you're doing!

  7. Oh Linda I know exactly what you are going through, you are a fighter and I will say my prayers for you to get finished with this awful thing...Love the doggy and needless to say the kitchen looks so wonderful, wow what an a amazing place for you, I love it so much, wish it were mine...come for a visit...Phyllis

  8. Linda, I will be keeping you in my prayers! You are such a strong woman! The kitchen addition looks wonderful...can't wait to see it all complete. And Dante is just adorable!! You are in my thoughts and prayers!

  9. Still praying for you each and every day, Linda. Your kitchen is going to be gorgeous x 10, and little Dante is getting more adorable each day. Thanks for keeping us up to date. xo

  10. Oh sweet pea, wish I could do something to spare you of such disconfort with radiation...but, prayers are the only and more effective away and I'll send plenty for you! Dante is a total cutie, how exciting to have that little creeter with you at home, along with the gorgeous kitchen remodel. Your pic with the bald look is lovely...you are always lovely, my friend. Blessings sweetie and hope the last radiation sessions go fast for you. Big hugs to you,

  11. Linda, bless your heart, I know you will be so happy when you can put all this behind! Your kitchen is going to be out of this world wonderful..I am jealous! Cutest little Dante I know is taking good care of you...at least keeping you busy?
    Take Care & Hugs

  12. Wow, what a kitchen that will be...An entertainers dream come true for sure!

    Thinking of you and praying, especially for the problems to clear up.

    Much love and big hugs. xxoo

  13. Linda, you are such a huge inspiration, and I pray for you EVERY day. The kitchen addition is going to be amazing, can't wait to see it. I am sure YOU feel the same way:):) You have more courage than any 10 people I know. XO

  14. Linda, Thank you for the update and I hope the remaining treatments go by quickly for you. You are such a lovely, courageous lady and I will keep you in my prayers. Your kitchen ideas sound great. Love your pics of Dante, he is growing up and so adorable!

  15. Hi sweet lady.
    I keep praying for you each and every day, Your kitchen is going to be gorgeous and I love your sink wow. I see little Dante is getting more adorable each day and big like his mom sweet. Lots of hugs and xxx Thanks for keeping us up to date!!!
    XXOO Diane

  16. Hi sweet lady.
    I am back is your car a BMW Z4 looks like the on I have??
    XXOO Diane

  17. Can't wait to see the kitchen all done! Oh that Dante looks like he could be trouble! And you look amazing even without hair my sweet friend!

  18. Dear Linda, You always amaze me with your courageous spirit; not only fighting for your life but then add in a kitchen remodel and also a new puppy. You are an inspiration to be sure. May He give you strength and healing and grace to carry on. Love Dante-he is growing up quickly and I can't wait to see your finished kitchen.
    Hugs today.

  19. Hi again, I wanted to find out how Dante is getting along with your three miniature Schnauzers; I think you still have them?

  20. Oh wow, we haven't talked for awhile huh? I had no idea you were doing this! But I love the idea of it and think much needed with the New dining room. I love the darker Cabinets but saving money is good too ;) What about an island since you will have so much more room? Thought about that? It will look fantastic whatsoever.... =) And I love you bald =) My sister looked so beautiful with or without hair and I think you are just like her. You can Rock it on any level honey! Love you!

  21. Hi Linda. So glad to hear you are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. It must have seemed like it would never end. Your kitchen is going to be remarkable and that little Dante. Can't say enough cute things about him. Love that name.. Take care, and you are beautiful!! With or without hair!!..Judy

  22. Lovely Linda, Your kitchen is gorgeous! What an exciting project and it's so fun to see it start to take shape. I still like that copper sink-beautiful choice. As for the radiation-you go girl!!! You are getting there. It sounds awful right now but the end is in sight which must be a relief. I think you look very pretty bald by the way.;)
    Thoughts and prayers your way, xx Heather

  23. Hi Linda,
    So good to hear from you. I think of you often and when I think of you I lift you up in prayer.
    Your kitchen is going to be really nice. Your little puppy is so very cute! Hair or no hair you are still a beautiful woman.
    Take care and hang in there,

  24. Hi Linda! It's so good to see your post. Bless your heart, you are a trooper and you're in my prayers. I pray these treatments will be over for you soon. Now I know your kitchen is going to be gorgeous. Little Dante is just the cutest little thing. Take care.
    Shelia ;)

  25. Your home is so beautiful! Dante is too!

    I'm sorry your side effects are so awful! What a horrible thing to have to go through. I'll keep you in my prayers.

  26. D**** I hate that you have to go through this again!!!
    I just realised I don't like you bald :( but that picture is a beacon of hope. You survived or we'd never see it, right?!
    So glad you did and it is inspiring to see you kicking its butt while doing a kitchen and raising an operator - and in all being a success!
    Go, LINDA!!!

  27. Linda, thrilled that you added the two skylights in the new kitchen space. You can never go wrong with more light! Look at that precious Dante at 8 weeks. Thank you for the update, and will certainly keep you in my prayers. xo

  28. LINDA!!!!!!! It is so good to see your post, and YOU! Your kitchen project is coming along, and the decisions you are making are worth the wait. We always took our time to get exactly what we wanted for our remodels and now we can finally sit back and enjoy.

    YOU are gorgeous, no matter what. Your grace and beauty without and within is remarkable, and I pray that soon you will be done with the side effects. Sweet little Dante is growing and is just a love bug. Many hugs to you and I'm so happy to see your post!!! Can you believe August is here and almost over? I go back to teaching French in September! XOXXOAnita

  29. Wow, that is a cute addition! I never imagined how it would look on the outside. That is quite a jut out for the sink area! I like your light color cabinets- but I know whatever you choose it will be beautiful!
    Dante is such a cute little one! I bet he's a joy to wake up to every morning! Sorry you are enduring such a nasty side affect from the treatment. Kicking cancer's butt isn't an easy task. You looked cute with your bald head and that car is/was too! Hugs to you and hubby... I know this is a trying time. Love ya, Liz

  30. You're my hero, Superwoman! You are always such an inspiration to us all, Linda.
    That little Dante is the sweetest pup ever! Oh my gosh, I just want to squeeze him.
    I'll talk to you later this week. Will call on Wednesday and hopefully catch you between all your busy-ness.
    Lots of love,


  31. What a sweet little pup:);) Thanks for sharing this Linda. We are all concerned about your health situation. You'd asked about my Mom.. She's been putting things on hold as my dad is now progressing (Leukemia, dementia, lung problems) such that he has been moved to hospice with 4 to 6 weeks to live. We are sad but understand this what is happening NOW and will deal with it accordingly. Sending light your way Linda and I do hope and wish you a speedy FULL recovery. One day at a time, right?

    Your kitchen plans are beautiful and I can't wait to see more as you progress with this.

    Happy Monday!

  32. So nice to hear from you, dear Linda. You are beautiful, with or without hair. You have a sweet, caring heart and it blooms from the inside and comes out in your wonderful smile and lovely eyes :) Dante is precious! My heart melts every time I see his picture. Praying for you.

    Love and hugs!

  33. Glad to see you posting again, Linda. Your kitchen is going to be gorgeous. Love the wall of cabinets in your dining room. Dante is adorable!
    Best wishes with your remaining chemo sessions...my prayers for an easy time of it.

  34. Absolutely incredible! I think a kitchen like that would be like winning the lottery. Can't wait to see more...

    Take good care of yourself! I hold you in prayer daily and send you healing energy. A friend of mine just completed her radiation after all her chemo. Will be seeing her Wed evening. I know how strong both of you are!


  35. Linda,
    Your kitchen is going to look beautiful! I am very familiar with all the hard work that goes along with remodeling, as my husband has been in the construction industry for 35 years. I think I like the darker wood on the cabinets too. Your dining room cabinets are gorgeous. I look forward to seeing it when it's all finished, and all your Fall ideas this year as well.

    I am thinking of you, dear, and may God give you strength in all that you are going through right now.

    The picture of you in the car is wonderful!

    Love you,

  36. The sweetest hugs to you....and DANTÉ! thank you for coming by dear Linda. Anita

  37. Wow I have some serious kitchen envy going on. Good luck with all the treatments I hope and pray everything goes well for you.

  38. Thanks so much for stopping in at Cranberry Morning! What a full blog post. So much happening for you. And I agree with the others on your personal courage. Inspirational, for sure. About Dante. What is he? Dog is a little too broad an answer. I do know that he's a tad smaller than my 124 pound German Shepherd. lol

    And then, some fabulous kitchen ideas! I agree with you on the wood range hood. Eager to see what you do.

  39. Your kitchen is going to be the most beautiful place ever!! I appreciate your health update. I think about you so very often...saying little prayers all the time. I am sorry to hear about these crazy side effects! Grrrr! I hope all this ends soon.

    Dante is just precious.


  40. You are such an inspiration to all of us by everything you do. It's amazing to read about all the wonderful things you and your family have accomplished. Love your kitchen addition and precious little Dante, but most of all your spirit and stamina as you deal with and conquer your battle with cancer. My prayers and wishes are for a full recovery. Thanks for visiting my blog and the cute comment you sent. It's not too often I come across someone who has a husband who loves purple!

  41. I love your attitude in the bald pose. It seems to me that the only way to fight cancer is with attitude.

    I can't believe you are taking on a new puppy, a house remodel and radiation all at the same time, but again, that seems to be what it takes to fight.

    Good luck on the next round of radiation.

  42. Hey Linda:
    I am your newest follower on bloglovin. Your house and especially your kitchen looks like it is going to be amazing. That little puppy is adorable. So sorry to hear about your health issues, and I know you will be glad when the radiation is over. Hang in there.
    Thanks, Patty and Home and Lifestyle Design

  43. Having this beautiful kitchen just around the corner must be like a "carrot" to keep you going through your challenges. My prayers are with you!

    I truly appreciate that you stopped by my blog and left a sweet comment!


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  45. Linda I'm so happy that you spent the time on my blog. So sorry to hear what you have been going through.
    Love that sweet ball of fur.

  46. I think your hydrangeas will perk up next year:-)
    The addition is just great.
    I applaud your courage:-)
    Your puppy is so cute.
    I am going to read some more..
    Take care..Monique


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