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Our Crazy Monday

Hello Blogging friends. I apologize for not writing sooner.  There has been a lot  going on.
I have been  suffering with another uti (urinary tract infection).
This one has been very painful. I am still fighting it.
The meds have given me killer headaches.
I am overwhelmed!  After spending quite a bit of time healing after my surgery, I finally went to see both of my doctors.
My Gynecologist/Oncologist and the Radiologist/Oncologist.
My doctors said I am still healing, therefore treatment will be pushed out. They have scheduled me
a simulation treatment Thursday.  It's where they measure me, do a ct scan with a marker,
and make three tatoo dots on each hip and one on my back.
My doctor explained my treatment will be different them most people.  I will be in a prone position
on a belly board.  My bladder should be full.  The belly is placed in the hole.  This helps to minimize the radiation to my bladder and bowelsl.  No guarantees that the bladder and bowels will not be affected. Scary part!

I also had a thyroid biopsy.  The doctor took 14 needles.  I just found out there wasn't enough cells
collected to write an accurate report. I have to have it done again....Oh goody!

On to the next thing that happened this very same day.  Our toy Schnauzer was pregnant with
two puppies.  When we returned home from the doctors on that Monday, we noticed
Chloe, our toy had some dark fluid leaking out.  Not a good sign!
We immediately took her to the vet.  She did an ultrasound and saw one of the puppies was dead.
Only one heart beat...The vet recommended a "C" section due to the fact, our Chloe and the remaining puppy would be in a toxic environment. 
She explained the puppy was almost a week premature....no guarantees.
The puppy is strong.  He...it's a boy....
My husband and I are doing everything we can to make sure this little guy makes it.
My husband has been so good about setting the alarm and feeding him every 2 1/2 hours.
I have been miserable all week.  The  pup is now a week old.

Thank so much for your prayers and healing thoughts.
There will be more to come.   Enjoy your week.
Much Love...

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  1. Oh Linda...what a week you have had my friend. And then to have to deal with your sweet pooch and puppies as well. Heartbreaking to lose one, but praying the other grows stronger everyday. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Oh girl, you are going through it. We will have similar tatoos! mine are in the front and hips...think of you often!

  3. You have had quite a week Linda. Continued prayers for your health, strength and well being.
    Hugs, Gee
    PS... adorable pup. Sorry for the loss of the other one.

  4. Sweet Linda, I can relate to all of this...sounds like the routine I went through..except no surgery for me. I have the tattoos on the front. So sorry about the pup but such a blessing that you have the other one, even if it means extra work.

    I will keep you in my prayers..please keep us up to date.

    Much love and hugs!

  5. Hi Linda- well you've had your challenges lately haven't you! Ugh on the thyroid test... and the radiation sounds very technical. It sounds like you're in good hands and each detail is being considered.
    I hope the little guy makes it. He so tiny and adorable. Looks like Chloe has been through a lot like her ama ma. I'm always praying for you.. Hugs and love, Liz

  6. Oh-Those UTIs are HORRIBLE. Mine are hard to get under control and I am miserable on whatever meds they give me and they take twice as long to go away as they are supposed to. You poor girl-I am so sorry for you. I am praying your baby makes it-he is darling. Also-sending up lots of prayers for you and your healing. Blessings- xo Diana

  7. Oh Linda, I hope things start looking up soon!

  8. Dearest Linda, I'm sorry that so many things are going on at one time! This is terrible. I can't believe you have to have yet another biopsy of the thyroid node. You poor dear. I am hoping the UTI is better now and that you are beginning to feel better. Hope I can pamper you on Thursday after your simulation!

    Love the pictures of the new baby. He is so, so tiny, but you and Paul are taking GREAT care of him.

    You all are in my prayers. Hugs, K

  9. Linda, what a full and hard week you've had. I hope things will start getting easier. I've had my share of UTI's but, knock wood, not for some time. Anyway I just know that they are not fun and with everything else going on you certainly don't need one of those. What a sweet little baby. Hope mama is doing well and take care of yourself and the little one..Judy

  10. Linda, what a week. That is too bad about repeating the thyroid test. I am sorry for your UTI pain and headaches. And the poor little puppy. I hope the little guy makes it. And you start feeling better. Still praying for you every day. (((hugs))) xo

  11. Linda, I hope things settle down for you and your hubby. I am sorry for your UTI pain and headaches. The puppy is so tiny, and I hope he gets stronger every day. Praying for you every day, and will continue. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  12. Hi my dear Friend.
    I see you have a new puppy so sweet!! I am hoping you will start felling better soon sweetie. I will call you some time tonight hoping you are up. Prayers are always coming your way.
    XXOO Diane

  13. I wish you the best. Dealing with pain is not easy. I have had to deal with pain, and after a while I began to wonder if this is all there is, then let me check out. They eventually sent me to Pain Management(Basically saying I'm crazy) which did nothing for the pain. Luckily after 18 months of pain and over 30 Dr visits they found and repaired 90 percent of the pain that was from a hernia.

    My colon cancer was nothing compared to the hernia pain. In fact I never even knew I had cancer. It was found on a routine Colonoscopy. A 6cm (2-1/2 inch)tumor in the colon. They cut out a foot of colon and I was only down for about a week. Luckily for me they think they got it all cut out. No Chemo or Radiation. I am actually back to playing racquetball. But old age is creeping up on me I think (Aches and Pains). No real complaints now though.

    Anyway you are in my Prayers.

    Your Old Friend from 58 years ago.

  14. Oh dear, sweet Linda, I'm so sorry for all that you have to endure... the pain, headaches, more needles and the radiation, not to mention the UTI. I'm still praying for you each and everyday. Thank you for keeping us updated on everything. The puppy is so cute and I hope all goes well for him. Big hugs sent to you!! xo

  15. Oh Linda.. that little puppy.. so precious and I hope it survives. What a week you've had!!! My mom has a "growth" on her thyroid and she's about to go down the same path. Wishing you all the best and this too shall pass.

    Take Care, Leslie

  16. Bless your heart! You do what YOU can do and trust GOD to do what only HE can do - and rest assured your friends are doing what WE can do - PRAY!
    Thank you for the update and continued prayers for you, my friend!

  17. Wow, that was some week!!! So sorry for all the trials......keeping you in prayer....hugs...cleo

  18. That you can go through such a difficult week and still find time to share with us shows just how strong a gal you are. Illness should be afraid of YOU! What a sweet puppy and what a sweet husband to take such good care of it.

  19. It will be wonderful to see you both - Lovely Linda and Puppy - pulling this off. I'm sure you will do. And soon, Luckiest Guy in the World (aka Linda's Hubby) will have an entire night of peaceful and happy sleep ;).
    Leaving my warm hug,

  20. Dear Linda~ ~ ~
    Sending you Love & Light to sustain you through these tough times. Hold that sweet puppy to your heart and see yourself whole and well. Be well my friend.

  21. Hi Linda,
    Wow, It's been awhile since I have been by, and sounds like you have more than a full plate going on...........so sorry to hear that hon.........
    will put you on my prayer list. I am gonna go back a few posts and see
    if I can determine exactly what is going on. Anyway, know my heart and
    prayers are with you.
    and sure hope your lil buddy makes it, and also that her MaMa is fine too.
    Blessings Hon,

  22. My dear Linda, you have been on my mind and heart a lot lately. I am so sorry for everything you are going through. I am praying for you, dear friend! I also hope your sweet pup makes it - what a precious little one.

    Love and hugs to you!

  23. Dear Linda you have been through so much! Please know I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!
    That little pupster will get stronger!

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  24. Hi Linda,
    Thankyou for the update on your health, I'm still remembering you in my prayers. Your baby is precious and I'm so sorry the other one didn't make it. I do hope this little guy makes it, seems like he has a good nurse! Take care, Gina

  25. Oh my gosh that was the cutest puppy in the world. Now I feel so bad for all the sickness you are going thru and truly wish I had someway to take it away from you. I will be praying - love sandie

  26. Sweet Linda! GOOD MORNING!

    I was out of state for three days and I missed EVERYONE! I am glad to see your post and have been thinking of you. I was without internet service and it sure feels strange to be disconnected from you friends.

    I am so sorry to hear about the puppy, but look at this little tyke that survived...sweet! And you my dear, I pray strength for you to get each step of the way. About thyroids....I too had about 8 needles put in my twice for a thyroid nodule that needed a biopsy, but all was fine too...those needles are WILD to endure, aren't they?

    I am glad to hear about your progress. Sending you my best wishes, Anita

  27. AnonymousJune 26, 2013

    Hi Doll!
    So sorry for the day of never ending bad things! Keep your chin up and remember to count your blessings and look for that silver lining. Medical can be frustrating and I remember all this too well. But you are a strong woman and a trooper, so I have no doubt you are going to come out shining as you always do. You have many people praying for you! If you get this way let me know, I have some beautiful organic veggies I would love to share. I am buried with work and averaging one day off in two weeks now. It is my job and as you know I give it all to keep up and enjoy the small amounts of time to myself as I can.
    I look forward to some time away for the 4th in Napa. I need to rest, pretty tired. What cute PUPPY pics, oh my goodness! =) I am happy t here Paul is there but I would expect nothing less. God blessed you with a great man, I am so happy for you. Love and Hugs and let me know next time you are this way, even to have Paul run in and grab a "Care Package"! Love you Bunches!! LES~

  28. God love you Linda . Positive thoughts and prayers , love and hugs. :D

  29. Oh Linda that was some week. I am praying for you.


  30. Hello Linda,
    What a time....this is not the best time in life but please know you have lots of care, support and prayers your way. My aunt was just diagnosed with her second round of uterine/ovarian cancer. She has just started round of chemo and radiation. I know it feels like a full time job sometimes. Sorry about the puppy but the one that made it is a cute little thing.
    Hugs from Chico,
    xx, Heather

  31. Oh that sweet puppy just cracks me UP! teheheheheeee

    Sweet LINDA! So good to see your comment just now! I hope the puppy is growing well, giving joy to everybody!

    I hope you as well are able to have a restful time, enjoying what you love. Thank you for your kind comments about my home; we enjoy making it a quiet retreat for our writing purposes, and I am soaking in all the fun of reading and writing. Funny how certain things just make us happy......

    Big hugs to you my pretty friend! Anita

  32. What a tiny, tiny dog! I didn't know that being born just one week ahead of schedule could make such a profound difference!!! I hope both he and the mom do OK.

    It doesn't sound like you have been having much fun since I've been gone. My goodness...14 needle sticks, and you have to do it all over again??!?! I would tell them to do 20 while they're at it this time to make sure!!! I hope that doesn't hurt too much.

    Try to have the best weekend you can, and hang in there!

  33. Hey there Linda!! Thanks for stopping over! Hope all is well :) My mom is going through lots of tests.. I just want her to have the growth removed because that will be the end result. Anyway, it's always something right? Have a wonderful weekend and I'll look forward to your next post! I'll be out of town next week but I will try to check my mail!


  34. Praying for you, Linda. Hoping this week will be better, enough is enough!

  35. Prayers and positive thinking heals. I will send both your way. Goodness, you have been through a lot, so sorry. I hope your radiation will not be as uncomfortable as it sounds and that all goes well.

  36. Hi Linda,

    I'm just checking to see how you are feeling.


  37. Linda... thinking of you and hoping that you and your darling new addition are doing well.

  38. Linda, I am always thinking about you and sending you love and prayers. You are one tough cookie. Stay strong and positive. I've told you before, if you need any help I am not that far and the kids are in camp this summer. Thinking of you!

  39. Sounds like you have had a hell of a week!!! Sorry hope things get better! xoxoxox

  40. Hope you are feeling better sweet friend! All I can say is I am praying for you and the Lord will heal you son. Big hugs,


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