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Gotta Love Schnauzers!

 Note:  Debbie from Debbiedoos is featuring our home on her featured home Tours.  Drop by  and take a look!
I was excited when she asked me if I was interested.  Thank you Debbie.
I am happy to say, I did a guest post awhile back for Shannon at A Cozy Place Called Home 
Unfortunately, Shannon is quitting blogging.  She has decided she has other things in her life that she wants to do.  I wish her the  very best!  If you know Shannon,you might want to visit her blog and say good-bye.

My husband and I love Schnauzers.  We first saw one in a small town.  They are lovable, small and they don't shed.  We have 3 Schnauzers....all girls.  Sasha is our black one.  Lacy is all white and then we have Chloe, who is black and white and a toy.
I believe Chloe runs the show.  They bring us so much joy and are a big part of our family.  All three have different personalities.

Here is Sasha.  She is the oldest. She is a cuddler.

Lacy is our quiet, loner girl.  She sleeps downstairs. She loves head scratches, however,  she doesn't feel the need to constantly sit by us. Lacy just won the Halloween contest at the Animal Medical Center. Doesn't she look cute?

And then we have Chloe, our toy Schnauzer.

 I have to show their puppy pictures.  Puppies are so darn cute.

  Sasha as a pup....

This is my Granddaughter Marissa.  Sasha is giving her some love.
My daughter calls our dogs, her sisters.....ha ha
Sasha loves the  pool, but only if she is in the baby float or we are holding her.
Baby Lacy.... 

Lacy loved lying next to baby Marissa.

 Baby Chloe

It's funny, these dogs have a routine.  Every morning, Chloe wakes me to feed them all, then the little stinker goes back to bed with my husband.
When he gets up, my husband takes all three of them in our Gator vehicle down the driveway to get the paper.
Thank you all for visiting. I hope you have enjoyed our sweet little girls. Thank you Shannon for featuring part of our family.

I want to express my deepest sympathy for those who lost their lives, their loved ones and so much more, due to hurricane Sandy.
Our hearts go out to them.

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  1. Aww they are so cute, Linda!
    And congratulations on your guest post at Debbie-doo's! Your home is beautiful, stunning.
    Debbie :)

  2. Hey Linda, your doggies are so adorable, and your granddaughter is so precious, a beautiful little girl. I am going to check out your home tour now. xo

  3. Hi Linda!
    Loved this post. Your figs are all adorable.
    I left Shannon a message- thanks for giving a heads up on it.

  4. Linda! They are just darling, and you got me on this one because I am SUCH an animal lover. We have two English Springers.. 12 years and 1 year. I have a picture of my little one (Layla) on my last blog post in her pumpkin costume :)

    Have a nice weekend.


  5. Hi Linda, what cute little dogs you have!! It's so sweet that your daughter calls them her sisters. I can tell they are a huge part of your family. Thank you for the heads up about Shannon. I will head on over there.

  6. I have two children and I miss my babies now that they are grown up... when I saw the pictures of your babies as pups I realised I also miss my dogs as puppies. Oh yes I do.

    You have a wonderful family. The human and non-human (?) kind.

    Blessings all around to such an amazing Lady.

    Enjoy your weekend! If it's gloomy like in here it will be nice to snuggle in the sofá with those utterly cute and lovely company :)

    Sorry about Shannon. I don't know her or her blog (I think) but it always pains me seeing people giving up blogging... It doesn't bother me pauses or non-publish but to give up entirely?! Maybe she'll miss the friends she made - like you - and returns.


  7. Just stopping by to follow you back and say hi.

  8. They are Soo cute. All the pics are great and the puppy pictures especially.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  9. Hi Linda. I certainly enjoyed seeing your little ones. How cute they are. Also loved seeing more pics over at Debbie's of your beautiful home. I'm sure I've said this before, since I have seen other pictures on your blog, but I must say it again, your home is so elegant and it must be a wonderful experience just to take in the views. All so lovely and thanks for sharing..Happy Weekend..Judy

  10. Hi darling! Hope all is well. I nominated for the Liebster Awards. The award is supposed to be targeting blogs having less than 200 followers, so I definitely included you by mistake, but I hope that despite that, u can feel the love! :) Take care.


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