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Christmas Inspiration

Well, now that Thanksgiving is behind us, it's time to start the Christmas count down and decorating.
 How do you like me as an elf? ha ha...

I am not one, who like to fight the crowds the day after Thanksgiving.
My husband and I had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with a bottle of champagne.
I hope all of you enjoyed  the special day, either with family and friends.  
On to Christmas!

 We have a lovely store  in a town down the hill that is so beautiful to visit. It's called Pottery World.
They really pull out all of the stops, regarding decorating.  There is inspiration everywhere.

Do you like my new look?
I have been busy designing blogs and headers.

Enjoy!    Where's those left-overs?

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  1. You look very cute as an elf! For the first time in a long time, I don't have any leftovers!! Left behind at my friend's house, but that's OK. xo

  2. Hi Linda, you look so cute

  3. I love your new look....your elf look too! Sharing a bottle of bubbly wit your loved on Thanksgiving sounds perfect to me!

  4. I love your new look! You did a great job on it and you look pretty cute yourself! What a great looking store- I would love to walk through it- xo Diana

  5. Your Thanksgiving sounds wonderful and your decor looks lovely. What's the name of the store? You're Christmas theme blog looks lovely as well and you as an elf : )

  6. You make a darn cute elf!! And I am loving that chandy dripping in red beads!!

  7. yes your Christmas look is wonderful! Very nice photos. Your moving pictures made a smile on my face :-)

  8. You're an adorable elf, Linda!!! The store looks fabulous. Thanks for the tour!

  9. So cute! You look great as an Elf :)


  10. You are too cute Linda, I so wish we lived closer, we could have a blast together! Love your new look!

  11. Wonderful inspiration! Thanks for your visit!

  12. Hi Linda
    I want to thank you for stopping by my blog
    As I am looking around you have a beautiful house. I remember when I lived in California , seems like a life time again , things were always so pretty & nice. I remember when friends of ours bought their first new house for $10,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!can you believe that ? a new little subdivision and track houses 1963 Visaia


    I am traveling but will be home next week to post again

  13. Hi Linda! Oh, that elf makes me laugh, all bobbing up and down! How funny! Your new header looks great! You are so good at that! Gina

  14. I love your new look! How do you make it snow? that is really neat!! You sure make a cute elf, ha ha! I really like that flocked tree, and am always drawn to them in the stores or in other decorated homes, but fail to ever have enough courage for one of my own. I am afraid it would make a horrible mess, especially with two curious cats!

  15. Good Evening Linda, I love your new header and I love the icon of you which pops up on my Blogger Dashboard to say you have a new makes me smile when I see it. The shop you have down the road which sells Christmas loveliness is just wonderful. I love the red items and the red beads which are dripping from the chandelier....definitely something I will do this year. Have a lovely day. Best Wishes Daphne

  16. Well first off I love you new design of your blog! I'm jealous!! :-)
    Wow that store really does have some fabulous decorations and display!
    I especially love that last tree!
    I'm looking for inspiration for one of my chandeliers and that red berry one gives me a bit of an idea! I feel like I'm in style this year with my red rose accents! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Love your blog new look... you have so much energy you put me to shame ahahah.
    The store is really priceless. So many inspiration!

    Thank you for sharing. Have yourself an awesone and inspiring week.


  18. Hi Linda! I Especially love the new header, with a photo of you! Everything is so Christmasy! The shop is so beautiful! You're right, a lot of inspiration there! Thanks for sharing! Blessings from Bama!

  19. Hi Linda!! You as a elf makes me laugh!! I need to put this on my blog, all bobbing up and down! How funny! You did a great job putting on your new header looks great! I am with Liz also so jealous!! I hope you have a wonderful week with your hubby.
    xxoo Diane

  20. Wow! Such great inspiration there.
    I love the elegant look of the black and white, simply gorgeous!
    Enjoy your week.

  21. You look great as an elf! lol
    I liked seeing the store you visited. It surely is beautifully decorated. Love your schnauzers too. We are getting a miniature schnauzer puppy after Christmas and I can't wait!
    Hugs, Beth

  22. You look great as an elf!! Love it! But then you look cute no matter what. Beautiful inspirational pictures, wish we had that place near us!!!


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