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Watermark Your Photos

 There are all different ways to watermark your photos.  As easy and FREE way  is to use

Click the PicMonkey link to go to their site.
The first thing you will see is this:

Click Edit a Photo....When you  click it, your files on your computer show up. Find your photo you want to use. and open it.

You should then see Editor on the left side of the screen and your chosen photo on the right.
Click the P

You will then see the Text option pop up.  Type what you want on the photo in the small box.

I typed www.lifeandlinda.com in the small box.
You then have an option to pick your font.  There are  Sans Serif - Serif - Handwriting - Script - & Display.  Just click the one you want.  It will be highlighted blue.

Next to your right is the color and size options.  If you click a color, your text becomes that color.
Also select a size by using the size slide option or just click a corner of the text on your picture to make it smaller.  Click the corner , you will see an arrow, either drag it in to make it smaller or drag it out to enlarge it.
You can position it anywhere on your picture by dragging the box.

Next, click SAVE....When you click SAVE, it says:
Save it like it is: I'm lovin' it!
A window pops up and it says: SAVE TO MY COMPUTER
file name...Type in a new name, unless you want to override the original.
Click Save photo.
You are all finished.  Go to your files and find your photo with the watermark.
it's very easy and fast.
With PicMonkey,  you can also add effects, frames, textures, overlays and touch-ups.
Weight loss, nip Tuck, Highlights in your hair, Eye tint,  brighten teeth.  The list goes on.
Play  around with it and have fun.....

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  1. Great tip! It's so important to watermark your photos.

  2. Wow! This is so useful! Thanks so much for sharing! xoxo

  3. WOW! Great INFO!! I'm going now to check it out. I think you've just saved the day!
    God Bless.

  4. Hi Linda, I have been noticing the watermarks on everyone's photos and wondering if I should be doing that. Educate me on the pros and cons of doing so. Thanks! Gina

  5. I've never bothered to watermark but I see it all the time. I like that befunky.com you told me about too. I know why people are doing it but I guess it just seemed like a lot of extra work to me.
    I'll have to check this PicMonkey out too.

  6. Thanks, Linda. I have been using Picasa to watermark my photos. I think there is a way to do them in a "bunch/group", but I haven't figured it out yet.

  7. Hi Linda,
    So glad to have you join our linky party. This is an excellent and easy to understand tutorial on how to watermark your photos using PicMonkey. I love all the other fun things that you can do on that site, too.

  8. Thank you SO much!! My daughter has always updated my blog designs, etc. but now that she has quads I am thinking about being a grown up and learning how to do some things myself. I do appreciate this! With all the quad pictures I am taking I think she is a bit concerned!
    You, my dear, are a problem solver!

  9. I like PicMonkey, even I can navigate around in it. I watermarked some photos and haven't done it again. I need to go back to it. xo

  10. Thank you so much Linda. You found my blog and because you did I have found you and have learnt how to watermark my photos. I just love the blogging community, because you are all so kind and generous with your knowledge. Love your blog. Best Wishes Daphne

  11. This is great! I use PicMonkey for a lot of things but I do my watermarking in Picasa because my favorite font is there. Thank you so much for this post and linking up to our party!

  12. Hi Linda!
    Thanks for the informative tutorial. I would like to watermark my photos, but do you have to do each one individually? That would take a lot of time, as I like to post using lots of photos. Thanks for sharing! Blessings from Bama!

  13. Thanks for the tutorial sweetie, but I have something that doesn't want to clic in the edit photo. Anyway, I don't get it! Thanks anyway honey.

  14. I would love to redo my whole blog, but am afraid I will mess it up and lose everything. The whole front page needs to be updated...maybe in my next life I will be computer literate!

  15. Linda, That's just one picture. Is there a way to batch edit your photos in Pic Monkey without having to do all those steps for each pic? In Picasa I could copy one text and then paste on other pics. That was much quicker.


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