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Clogging and more Clogging

I am staying busy. Between reaching FAP limits on our satelllite and clogging,  I can't do too much blogging for the time being. I so wish we could have DSL.  Wildblue is supposed to put in a monster satellite this year.
I certainly hope so.  I miss all you! 
I have been very busy with our clogging group, Traveling Shoes
Feel free to stop by our blog and say hello.
We have 3 new members. Four other members retired last year.  We are teaching the dances to the new ladies.
We have added two new songs, Except on Monday, and Coco Jamboo. We will  also be performing At the Hop, All Shook Up, You are the one that I want and Rock around the clock.

I designed business cards for our group.  Here's a picture.

We also ordered new tote bags for our shoes and cue sheets.

         Take a peek at our new costumes this year.

We practice twice a week. A few of the girls and I are going to a Clogging Convention in Fresno in the first week of June. It should be great fun...lots of dancing, workshops and celebrity dancers.

Have a look at the demo video I made for our group.  Coco Jamboo...I made the video so they can  watch it and learn the new dance. It is showing my legs and feet only so they see the steps.
It's such a fun dance and the music is happy.


I did manage to sneak in a few pictures of a dinner party I did last week.  We had a few friends over.  I cooked Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches, with homemade onion rings, Potato salad and a very decadent Chocolate bread pudding Trifle with bananas, butterscotch pudding, snickers and whipped topping.  Yumm!

Thanks for visiting!  Like I said earlier, I miss all of you.  I hope in the next week, our FAP will be lower so I can visit all of your wonderful blogs.  Hugs to all.

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  1. Oh my that food list was wonderful! I love your clogging video...I'm afraid it would take me a long time to learn!
    Your new outfit is really cute and of course on you it's perfect! Now back to that food! A trifle! Yum!! It's really not fair, you cook and bake wonderful food, yet you look like a barbie doll! You must only take teaspoon bites of your food! Hugs..Liz

  2. I love that you clog, what great exercise that must be. Fun with friends, love it.

  3. Hi lovely lady You are so good with the Clog. This looks like so much Fun !!! Do you have more Video's ??? I would love to see more !!!!


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