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Using Lamp Shades On Your Table

Come on in, the door is open!
I am writing this post, because so many of you have commented on the use of lamp shades on my table.  I have been using these for a long time.  They add height and ambiance to your table.

I love large accessories in our home, so I tend to buy larger scale items, so they  really show and don't get lost.  Tall hurricanes, tall  candleholder and candlesticks work perfectly.
I buy the lamp shades at our local Ross store, because they are so affordable and pretty.
They come in all different sizes, so they can be used for those narrow vases and candlesticks.
It's a matter of just setting the lamp shade on top of your chosen vessel.
Here is lamp shade I used for the Autumn tablescape.  I love the look of it, since it has the wood grain.
My  beautiful silver large hurricane I bought from home Goods is what I used for the base.
You can see  in the photos below I used  shorter amber colored candle holders.
You can use vases too...anything for height and it allows you to add a lamp shade.
This picture shows a fun zebra print lamp shade. I added an led light to make it glow.
I also use fairy lights which add a fun lighting effect.  They are very affordable.  Look for them at any craft store or a store like Marshalls.   They are called different names.  I have some called Starlights
I paid $4.99 for a box with 6.5 feet.
They are perfect accent for Holiday decorating, on mantels, table centerpieces, vases, trees and topiaries.  They use AA batteries and have a timer.
Another look below.
Fill your vases with pretty accessories, candles and more.
Use trumpet vases or fluted.
To turn tall candlesticks into a candle lamp, use a follower and led votive candle.
they are also called candle lamp shade holders. I learned this from Alycia from Table TwentyOne.
To construct a tabletop lamp is by using a vase for the base. It adds girth and flair and it really opens up your choices!  With the wider mouth of the vase however you may need to add a clear plastic or glass plate that is wider than the opening to keep the shade from sinking down. The larger the plate the taller the shade will stand. The plate is also a good spot to place your LED votive. For something a little different I like to place the LED votive upside down. Doing so allows both illumination of the shade and a reflective glow in the glass vase. Using a colored LED votive will produce a soft gel effect.
I hope this helps explain how I use the lamp shades on my tables.
Happy experimenting!

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  1. That's a genius idea. I never would have thought of that. Thanks for the inspiration Linda!

  2. Some fun ideas, Linda. I have some of the little star lights. I like the idea of using them inside a glass dome.

  3. Thanks for explaining how you used your lamshades on the candleholders, Linda. They really are dramatic and add such a pretty look to your table.
    Thanks for telling me the source of the birch battery operated candles. I have some real ones, but I'm loving the timer ones, and they're easy and safe!

  4. Those a neat ideas. I like the lamp shade idea. I didn't know about the candle lamp shade holders.

  5. I never would have thought to do this, Linda! How very creative & wonderfully effective, too.
    I adore your style & truly enjoy every peek inside your gorgeous home. Thanks for opening your doors to us!

  6. I agree. What a great idea, Linda!

  7. Fascinating! Love the fairy lights in particular.

  8. Wonderful Lamp Shades, dear Linda! They all look beautiful!
    Sending much Love to you, claudia xo

  9. You always share such lovely ideas, Linda! I love, love, love the purple pattern lampshade with the purple feathers at the base!

  10. Thanks for explaining all this! I may just have to try this and soon! With it getting dark so early now this will be a great idea!

  11. Amazing idea, Linda. Your table looks beautiful. Thank you for the inspiration. Have a wonderful weekend! Maria

  12. That really sets the mood for a party. Looks amazing. Fantastic idea!

  13. All of the shades are so beautiful. Now I'm thinking when I build I need them to add an outlet to the floor under the table.

    1. Good idea Valerie, but these lamps are all candles, not electrical.

  14. Wow, excellent ideas. I am going to try some of these. I love the different vessels you used and the use of battery operated lights. Fun, fun, fun!

  15. Linda,
    I am so glad that you explained how this all works.
    I always enjoy your table settings and how you add lighting to them-I did not know that they were candles, or hurricane lamps with fairy lights you that you have shared this wonderful tip I can add some to my table for the Holidays too!
    You are the best-thank you:)

  16. wonderful idea! I'm going to try it right away.

  17. Love this post, Linda, and love your helpful info on how to implement this beautiful idea. So perfect for a big table and it allows a real feeling of intimacy to the atmosphere. Fabulous!
    This weekend is Thanksgiving so life is a little nuts. Hope to catch up with you next week though if you're game :)
    I tried to link up but it's giving me even more troubles. Gah! I'll figure it out eventually, lol. Have a great week, Wonder Woman oxxo


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