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Blingy Xmas Inspiration

It's that special time of the year where most of us love to decorate our homes for the holiday.
It makes us feel so joyous, cozy and happy when we are finished.  We have lots of inspiration everywhere.
One of my favorite stores to get inspiration is Pottery World.  A local store that carries so many things, it's easy to get inspired.

decorating a glamourous mantel

This is their check out stand.

how to design christmas scene

Some very cute polar bears.

icycles and polar bear decor

decorate all white christmas

I love the look of the all white decor.

Santa decor

Good ole Santa

Decorating a floral with peacocks

Beautiful floral arrangements.

decorate a christmas wall tree

A very cool wall tree.

decorating a upside down christmas tree

How about an upside down Christmas tree?

christmas tree with pheasant

An earthy Christmas tree with a Pheasant.

decorating stuffed Reindeer

I will close with this silly, cute reindeer.  Enjoy and have a fantastic week.

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  1. That's a great store! We don't have one of them near me. I love to be inspired by the store displays. I think it would be fun to have that giant Santa sitting by our tree!

  2. Wow! Now that is some kind of decorating! Makes me tired. I just finished mine, and it looks pretty dull in comparison.

  3. That looks like the kind of store one would lose all sense of time in! I love that pheasant tree. I am not big on decorating any takes so much effort to haul everything down and pack it all up again...every year I do less and less.
    Have a wonderful week, Linda.

  4. I could somehow see myself using the Polar Bear theme...if I were going to do something out of the ordinary. Love your blinged out Christmas Blog!! You look good as Mrs. Claus in your red suit! ♥

  5. That store is amazing. Wow! I am sure I could fill up my basket there.

    Your Christmas header and other pretty touches on your blog are so creative and festive. Looks very nice.

  6. That looks like quite a store! Amazing! I'm glad you shared it with us.

  7. I've heard you mention Pottery World, Linda, with some of your purchases. Thank you for giving us a tour of the pretty decor inside the store.

  8. Thanks for the tour! We don't have one nearby so it's always a treat to get a chance to see what is actually in the store :)

  9. I enjoyed the tour! I like gathering ideas from places like this. I took pictures when we were visiting downstate of a favorite spot I like to go. I'm in the thick of things starting my Christmas decorating. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I went around a shopping mall with my grand daughter recently and you couldn't help noticing all the Christmas decorations! I caught grand daughter's enthusiasm, but didn't buy anything! However, the displays show some good ways to decorate the home during the Christmas season. Thanks for the tour of your store.

  11. Well, it's official. I need to stop looking pictures and inspirations because from now on I go overinspired and can't stick to a theme. I love the Hot Mama Christmas at the top of your banner... and I swear when I started looking the pics I thought it was your doing - they're so much you and your taste for bling.
    Enjoy The Season, Dear Linda. May it bring lots of Blessings to you and your Family.

  12. My jingle bells and stars pale by comparison, but I loved the tour through the store. We have no store close to us, or I'd be in serious trouble! I'd be there all the time. :)

  13. I love stores that go all out for the Christmas season. I could walk around there for hours. xo

  14. Well, we do have a Pottery World about an hour from us and I have never made an effort to check it out. Thanks for posting a peek inside, now I have to make a special trip!

  15. Sure wish qwe had that store near us! I wouldn't want to leave! Thanks so much for sharing the tour. Love the check out counter!!!!

  16. What fun! Love all white too:) and the upside-down tree is a hoot! I think I'd have sensory overload in this store:) Hope your December is off to a great start!


  17. Oooo, that first photo made my ♥ skip a beat!!! How pretty!!!
    We don't have that company around here, that I know of. Thanks for telling us about it, Linda.

  18. What a fun place to shop, Linda! I could spend hours in there! I love visiting places like that!

  19. Good morning Linda! I was unable to leave a comment yesterday off my tablet, but OH THE BLING! I had started decorating a week ago, but must finish this weekend! I too love the all white and silver look along with woodland elements - it adds such a rustic/chic look!

    I hope you are enjoying the excitement of the beauty of the season. Have a super December day! Anita

  20. Oh, I just love Pottery Barn, Linda! That tree with the pheasant on top is so lovely. I'm with you, the all white is gorgeous, too. I'm quite intrigued by the wall tree. That`s the nicest one I`ve seen so far. I`d like to put a couple of those through the house. Fabulous post, my friend. Have you decorated your house yet....I`m so far behind! Lots of love to you. xooxox

  21. Hello sweet Linda! I just came home from school but stopped off at one of my favorite shops in the city. I thought of your gorgeous post here because the shop's owner put on such a fabulous display of white flocked trees, lots of silver, mercury glass and other SPARKLING things! I got such a rush of inspiration. Thank you so much for coming back to visit and it's good to hear you had a good Thanksgiving and that you son is recovering. Bless him and YOU! The countdown is now on for the holiday...YAHOO!

  22. Hi Linda, oh what a wonderful store, love the all white too, especially the polar bears. Happy Holidays!

  23. what a fun place to visit. Thanks for sharing the pictures....Christine

  24. Oh yum! I would love that store too! We have Tai Pan and I was just thinking today I should do another inspirational one from them. Everyone always asks what Tai Pan is. I wish we had a Pottery world!!!

  25. Oh, I just saw your header too! Love, love, love it! What a fun surprise to open mine!!!

  26. Hi Linda, wow so much inspiration here for Christmas. I love all the trees and the first mantel is incredible. Yes a little bling for Christmas is perfect. Thanks for sharing this amazing shop.
    Have a great weekend.

  27. This just rocks my world! We don't have a Pottery World here, but if we did I'm sure I'd be a frequent visitor...and always broke!!! Gosh, such pretty stuff!!!!!

  28. I missed my date to go with you =) Happy Decorating hun... sure your home will be beautiful!
    First year with the New Kitchen, right? Enjoy and happy baking!!

  29. What fun decorating ideas. Lots of great inspiration.

    Happy Day....

  30. I feel so unworthy with my little table top Christmas tree after seeing all of these beautiful ones.


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